Little Things You Love


Sphincter beanie
Nay, it doesn't. Sanitys overrated anyways. My query, how much coin did it burn keeping it .
Not a lot - warranty. Lucky.

Dashboards, air conditioning, rattles, cruise control, plastic trim cracking, parts unavailable because Lotus was going to the wall, visiting the dealer over & over & over & over & over.

Was kinda ok as I was into the car & enjoyed the dynamics, a lot. Really lot. Stunning chassis.

Try this link now:

Had it a year, lost $10k in resale, funnily enough I sold mine for what that yellow one is selling for & it seems any Evora has bottomed out at $80k ish. I doubt you'd lose anything on one.

Aside from your sanity.

P.S. Clutch is a Lotus (AP Racing) thing, sandwiched between a Toyota Aurion engine & some Toyota gearbox out of a truck. When they commence constructing a new Evora, they start with the clutch as component #1. Consequently, it's 40 hours labour to replace the clutch. Nice work, Lotus!