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Eats Squid
Cousin's partner got out of quarantine this morning to see his baby twins for the first time since the end of January.

He's an engineer on a superyacht that was based in Chile...and then they got stuck there because they were unable to do a crew swap. Finally, they were able to leave in June and steam north with a skeleton crew towards Panama and, after more shenanigans, somehow made it back into the US then immediately onto an Air NZ flight home via Auckland. Should have been back at the end of March...


Eats Squid
There is a cool alignment in the night sky to see. Crappy phone photo but go see with your own eyes!

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this happened last moon too, I have a DooDad that attaches your phone to the eyepiece of the telescope, but it just distorts and blurs the shot..
is that Jupiter and one of its moons, or Saturn?

this is Jupiter and 4 of its moons..
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