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2 degrees here and snow predicted down to 300m. Might be the closest I get to snow this year with the resorts closed and border bubbles in force.


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Last months (lack of) movement, the only plus is 20% more bike kms than car and probably close to 80kms of the car travel was work related .

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Australia Post... when it works.
Multiple boxes from multiple sources all turned up today for the weekend overhaul in the garage (no riding 'cause it's raining)
Props to Cyclinic as always. Orders from them always arrive in under 24hrs to CBR.

bear the bear

Is a real bear
After my garage time today,
  • Rockshox suspension, it's just easier than Fox to work on;
  • Shimano Brakes. The new pre-package format means you can run lines and have them bleed in under 10min per end;
  • I've said this one before, but Park Tools internal routing kit is worth every $