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pink poodle

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I think I made a post in the wrong thread! Fuck yeah powder days.

Also hooray for small Japanese bars. This town has seen a surge in the number of obnoxious Australians chasing powder over the last couple of years and with that has come Australian bars. Luckily if you can be bothered to walk a few steps from the main drag there are some real gems!

Dales Cannon

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And the mama sits way too close with her grissled hand on your inner thigh and ask through the prettiest of her attendants if you will take nude photos of her. The mama that is.


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Oh fuck, I'm laughing, but I shouldn't.

I called TNT once and ripped them a new one (was a critical work-related delivery on a Friday) and they sent the driver back.

This weekend's Gates delivery?


Gearbox Frother
A whole weekend without this in my hands now.
Came via StarTrack. I know they'll say I can pick it up some time this afternoon, but it'll be a lie, because it has to go back to AusPost facility, and they won't manage to get it back to the collection room until next Friday.