VIC Lysterfield Park


its usually best to leave things where they were lost... someone would get home and go ""oh shit i must have dropped it in the car park" and potentialy return to look for it . Now you have it and chances are the owner doesnt even know about this forum.
It was lying on the road and would have got damaged by being run over.


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Can anyone tell me why the sneaky descent trail from Native track to Upper Buckle needed to be demolished? It was fun little section of trail with tree roots & small features!!!


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I've seen on instagram that it's currently closed and they're doing a lot of work to it. Making it a legit trail.
Looks like they are building new berms and features, but not sure exactly what they'll entail as yet.


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I can absolutely guarantee you that the Ldtr builders don't have that vision in mind for the trails. I wasn't there Saturday for the build, but I doubt features would have been removed. When we rebuilt that trail last time we were absolutely shagged from carting tons of rock down the hill by wheelbarrow so not enough time was put into sculpting it as such. My understand from this build is that they were more putting some polish onto it than re-making it?

Chill out, it was the trail crew working on it, not parks Vic

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