Manly Dam Open?


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Can anyone give an update as to the status of the dam?

Feel like a quick blast tomorrow but not sure if it's open or not.

I usually get the emails from the rangers but haven't seen one for a while.



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It is my understanding that the Rangers are no longer sending updates. You can probably check the trail status on Nobmob. (Sorry don't know how to make this a link)


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It is my understanding that the Rangers are no longer sending updates. You can probably check the trail status on Nobmob. (Sorry don't know how to make this a link)

Have checked Nobmob but their last update was Monday I think...

Was hoping to get a more recent update. I think to save disappointment I may give it a miss for today and just ride roads *sigh*


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Assume it's closed

The rangers mail list has been down for a while now which is why they're not sending out the messages so we're self-regulating

It's pissed down during the week so it will be very wet still, Manly Dam has an amazing capacity to hold water for weeks after big rains. Even before this last rain it was pretty chopped up so let's give it a chance to recover


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I rode parts of it today, and boy is it wet!!!
I had completely forgotten that it had rained all week.
made me feel bad riding some sections.
luckily i was on my SS .
and there were heaps of people out there.

but having said that , i would wait to let it almost dry out


Its closed for a few weeks

Just in this morning via email from the rangers

"Hello Mountain Bikers,

Sorry for the late notice, but we are having some work done on the track commencing today, Monday 6th June. These works will continue for a few weeks and will involve the use of heavy materials and as such we will need to CLOSE the track to all bike traffic during this time for the safety of riders and contractors. We will advise once the track is re-opened. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Kind regards,
Manly Dam Rangers"

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One thing I'm a little lost on with regards to Manly Dam and local rider advocacy is that I had thought various advocacy groups, Nobmob as an example was working with Council, after the apparent rage when the Manly Damn track was initially closed.

What happened with all that consultation ... I'll presume that there was a level of education about rider needs and what attracts rides, as well as sustainable trail design etc etc etc.

Where does paving fit into this or am I wrong and no "Education" was actually undertaken ... or more likely education was undertaken via a series of "Workshops" everybody hugged and then it was bloody all ignored and the local paving company was engaged to make a sandstone road we could all ride "off road" on ... because apparently somebody thought that was what riders wanted.

Lastly What happened to volunteer trail care program. Is it cheaper to get contractors in, rather then get 1 ranger a month to work on a weekend and manage a couple dozen vollies to rock armour (Not pave) the track.

am I the only one or is it a 1 step forward 2 backwards type affair with this place.


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^^ yep.. agreed.. i thought after the last debacle regarding shared access, we were onto a good thing. To be honest, i can't quite figure out where that paving is going in based on the picture. Maybe they're actually putting in a walking track to duplicate the existing single track which remains for the sole use of mountain bikers.

We can only hope :(

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*snip To be honest, i can't quite figure out where that paving is going in based on the picture.
I think its in the rocky descending sections just after the berms and just before the wood "bridge" and the large rock platform on the Gold course


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And the king wanted to know what his people thought of his plan so he sent forth riders to all parts of the land and the riders asked "Hark Ye. What doth thou thinketh of the lord, your majesty's plan?"

To which the people answered as one. "We think it's a crock of shit!"

The riders took the peoples thoughts and passed them on to the priests "The people tell us they thinketh the Kings plan is a pot of cow dung."

The priests took this revelation and passed it on to the Bishops "Holiness, the riders hath told us the people doth thinketh the kings plan is a tub of manure."

The Bishops went to the Cardinal and said "Eminance, the people think the plan is a container of good quality fertilizer."

The Cardinal went to the King and told him "M'lord the reports are back. The people doth believe your plan is a rich vessel that will promote growth and wealth throughout the kingdom."

Thus the King saw his plan was good and his people would love him for implementing it.

Thus we suggest armouring a trial like this

and instead get a pavement like this


Why Here

After any rain the trail around Manly Dam shows how an inappropriately created trail leads to degradation of the "bush". The problems of erosion, run off and widening of trails to avoid wet/muddy sections can be negated by building trails to IMBA standards. Most long term serious off road users know of this and so do those in control of Manly Dam ( they have the IMBA books on trail construction).

It is extremely frustrating to see work carried out at Manly Dam in areas that do not cause the trail to be closed in wet conditions. It is even more than frustrating to see a free, keen, viable and willing workforce (everyone I know who rides Manly Dam) not being utlised. Why can't the powers that be see that this would save them money and attract riders from all over.

I can but only shake my head in dismay now as I remember when there were no restrictions on where we could ride at Manly Dam. Dumbing down this trail will only lead to more illegal trail building.

Please Warringah council get your act together!


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For some time now Council have resisted input from the local MTB community, despite constant lobbying. Plenty of support from Council's 'political' arm, but not a lot from 'management' & unfortunately its them who are responsible for maintenance. There have been meetings with Council in recent weeks & the outcome looks positive for riders to have a greater say in trail management in the near future.

And yes, Council have been advised of the stupidify of the latest construction fiasco...

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I was thinking just after that ... but if its there ... then I'm even more lost ... I would have thought the only works there would be to put a few corralling rocks and maybe some new plantings in to stop people taking the shitty B line.

Thanks for the update Cuthbert ... good luck to you and everybody else working hard on the advocacy on the beaches


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Warringah council clearly supports the construction and riding of unauthorised trails