Marino, SLB-01.


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What is the paint, mate? It's the same type of thing I'm thinking of doing to a frame. Maybe not green, but ...... it looks damn good, I could change my mind.
It's some kind of translucent green. Not exactly sure what they did to it.

But I do think there's an issue going on with it. Maybe the clear coat is porous, or maybe something is going on from the other side (unlikely, the tubing still seems solid in that area), but there's some kind of growing roughness and darkening in patches on the top tube.

Anyone know what it could be, or if it's terminal?



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I went back and looked at pics again. Missed the first time that it came painted. I thought you got it bare. I don't know anything about paint really (besides matte black spray cans) but that doesn't look great whatever's going on there.


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Sad to say, but that's surface corrosion on the steel under the paint. The clear finishes can have this happen. BTR discountinued their clear finish because of occurrences like this.

I believe it's partly because the steel is left raw, rather than having a rust inhibitor applied before painting, and partly just that the clears just don't adhere to the metal and seal it as well as a opaque paint with a base colour and clear topcoat.

Surprising it's spread that much already though, it must have a pinhole in the paint. :(


Eats Squid
Thanks @beeb. I. Suppose the only way to get that sorted is a strip and re paint?

I'll email Marino and see if I get a response. Still no response to the new frame emails, so let's see how they deal with this...

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It’s just surface rust under the clear coat.

happens to all clear coated frames, don’t worry about it and ride.

bmx went through a coloured clear phase and every frame ended up with this happening. It happens under standard paint too, but you can’t see it because of the paint.


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I'm with @Ultra Lord - I'd just let it develop. If it starts getting chunky, then I'd worry about it but it's basically just clear-coated patina at the moment.