MotoGP 2019


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Rossi's still a gun. I wish the Yamaha was a bit more competitive so we could see him mixing it for podium places again.

I hope he gets a bike with better rear traction and a little more power so he has a chance at making passes other than block passes.
I can't imagine him not on track. He is still rock star status. I tried to get a helmet signed by him at PI, I was in line for 2.5 hours and failed (i needed to line up 4.5 hours early to be in with a chance). If he is still riding next year I'll line up for 5hrs. He is far from riding round making up numbers but unfortunately his best years are behind him. His performance in the opening laps at PI showed he still has pace but everything needs to align perfectly. He is still GOAT to me.
Just gotta know the right peeps, dude camped behind me at PI this year got a MV tank signed by agostini. His son does some media shit or something.

If you can get access to the back of the pits you mite get something signed. One year I was there and on the Friday and Saturday after practice they set up a small barrier with a guard and Rossi spent 15 mins signing shit. Stoner was head down and straight to the van. I was in a platinum box ( was a bucket list tick, now I just go in the stands), we just walked down the stairs to the compound, otherwise you can buy passes for the area.