MotoGP 2019

How, where?

Are you new to Moto GP watching? That was an awesome race, insane seeing red ending. Definitly one of the best 4 stroke endings.
What's happening with championship points now? Gutted for Rossi, such bad luck.
Peoples reasoning for Lolz not pulling away?
Didn't want to kill the bike again ?

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CH 10/one/whatever the fck its called now usually does a replay, used to be in reverse order(MGP->2->3) but not sure these days as I have an online subscription.

Just checked online, looks like replay from 12.45 tonight i.e. 0045hrs Tues morning.
Nah, no moto 2 or 3 for a year or two now. Think they sold the rights, dogs.
And they didn't even show the GP before last nights. Pricks.
Wish SBS would get it back.
watched moto 3 last nite, what an awesome race

If I ever get to choose an o/s moto gp to go and see, mugello is the one for sure

(cheeky track day wouldn't go astray either !!)

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IOM tt on telly does anyone know? Or where can you watch it on the net.
Isle Of Man TT.


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Sigh, was going to go to bed early and then saw that the world's fastest Indian was on foxtel, catching the last half, so much one of my favorite movies of all time, I can't help but watch again!!


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Went to the IOM in '81 during my first big world adventure. It was my only "must do" thing I had in mind during that trip and it was truly amazing. The history, the people, particularly the aged locals who just totally love it, the serenity of the mountain, the absolute unforgivingness of the track, the wall to wall pubs of Douglas... I was in heaven.

Having been in many motorcycle race pits, I can honestly say that the IOM pits is quite different... the riders are wistful and distant... they know that some of their number are gone. Eight riders died that year, three racers including our own late great Kenny Blake...

Crosby ruled absolutely, jumping supremely off Ballaugh's Bridge and winning all, by a big margin.

The vibe in Douglas was full on. Bikes on your bikes. Road registered TZ750's and kneelers on slicks... normal day. Absolute bike party.

To ride that place at knee down race pace... far out... that's beyond gutsy... it's nuts.


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8 riders...fark. Speaking of IOM Lazmo, I bumped into Shaun Harris on the foreign forums a few years back and convinced him (not sure how) to come over in 2011/12 I think it was. Fwiw he's won IOM 3x.

He came over for a decent year or so staying with a racing buddy and basically mentoring him in exchange for rent, I picked up what I could here and there but the guy is intense, he lives and breathes racing. There's nothing else but racing (except family), and there's def no backchat.

Doubt it's a surprise but the thing I noticed the most was where I'd try and analyse and optimise something on track his approach was "What's the problem, just do it." That's def the mindset of confidence, and comes with being a 3x world champ and certified nutter I guess. For example, he only raced occasionally that I saw, but the first time was when he borrowed someone's streetbike ( that was 9yrs old at the time) w/street tyres, entered in the F2 600s ,muscled the POS around and won the race comfortably, it was too easy for him, and he hadn't ridden for almost 5years at the time. He probably didn't qualify either to save the tyres, I can't remember. He had an acco after returning to racing in NZ a few months back and is slowly recovering. But an interesting and determined fellow, that's for sure.


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Round 6

Round 6 5th June 2016

Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

LENGTH 4.7 km 2.94 miles
CORNERS 5 left-8 right
WIDTH 12 m. 39.37 ft.
LONGEST STRAIGHT 1047 m. 3435.04 ft.

A few fun facts about this round:
• There has been at least one Spanish rider on the podium in the MotoGP™ race at the Catalan GP for the last nine years.
• For the last two years, the three riders who won at Catalunya all went on to win their respective world titles.
• Only two riders have won the MotoGP™ race at Catalunya from pole position: Valentino Rossi in 2006 and Jorge Lorenzo in 2010.
• The last podium finish by a Ducati rider at the Catalan GP was the 3rd place finish by Casey Stoner in 2010.
• The last win by Suzuki at the Catalunya Grand Prix was in 2000, with Kenny Roberts Jnr.
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Having met Luis and his Mum at Jerez back in 2012 this was terrible news to wake up to this morning. He was also a teammate to aussie Arthur Sissis. Very tragic and sad day for the sport.


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Motorcycle racers are a special breed. They are putting their lives on the line everytime they go out there and wind those rockets up. They know this, and still do it.

RIP Luis. Such a sad thing to happen.


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Motorcycle racers are a special breed. They are putting their lives on the line everytime they go out there and wind those rockets up. They know this, and still do it.

RIP Luis. Such a sad thing to happen.


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How was Marq hooking up his elbow on the curbing.
Poor Lolz.
Rossi, so smooth.
Rest in peace to both Moto and sidecar riders lost.