MTB shoes

I prefer the following characteristics in an MTB shoe

  • When clipped I want max stiffness for power transmission and improved platform on the pedals

  • When clipped I want more stiffness then a flat shoe, but I’m not a roadie.

  • When on flats I prefer stiffness to grip, but grip is still important. Walking is for whimps

  • When on Flats I prefer max grip, but prefer to be able to walk when not pedalling.

  • When on Flats I want max grip and moderate stiffness. Goldilocks

  • I don’t wear shoes, the leather soles of my feet grip nice

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Daniel Hale

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quik test of the ion raid on the macedon trials this morning,

sole is stiffer than the brandon seminuk’s, i would say ever so slightly more grip too, fairly close though.
sizing is fairly true, i’m normally so 45, these fit fine - plenty of room in toe for long feet
i really like the laces stayed up and tight for the whole ride, really good back ankle support, a little roomy for me across the ball of my foot but i did have thin-ish roadie style map socks on -so shouldn’t be a problem.
don’t hide dirt so well, the blue really stands out, i’ll see how they wipe clean later

overall fairly happy with them, needed a second pair & seem pretty good so far, like them just a little more than the etnies

The Duckmeister

Eats Squid
I'm not arsing around with reading the whole thread , so.... A stiffer sole better turns your whole foot into a pedal platform, as long as it's the right shape formyour foot..... A good shoe will be as stiff as a plank (or stiffer) but not feel like it, it just is , but you'll feel a bad shoe every moment you're wearing it. If you tend to get off & walk a bit, a slightly softer shoe, preferably with toe studs will be your best bet. A badly-shaped shoe (for your particular foot) will just feel like you're pedalling a crank with a plank bolted to each side. Softer soles + longer distances = sore feet/legs


Grabbed Felix some Aften Keenans on sale to try.
He rates them really high. Says they’re as grippy as 5tens and a lot lighter, and just as comfy.