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Discussion in 'Post Your Ride' started by crank1979, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. crank1979

    crank1979 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    From the oldest...

    Assama Rockline Comp. I bought it as a frame with RS Mag 21 forks way back in about 1996 and built it up. It's been built up a few different ways since.

    1999 Norco VPS2 that i bought as a frame and built up in 2000.

    Santa Cruz Nomad that i bought in 2006. Pretty much the only things left from the original build are the forks, frame and seat. Everything else has been replaced with different bits going from the version with the XTR cranks to the version with the RF cranks.

    Fuji Team road bike that i bought second hand of a work mate for an absolute bargain.

    Sanderson Life 853 steel hardtail i bought last year. Originally it had Fox F100X forks and Hayes HFX discs but i hated the forks and wanted to try out the new XT discs instead so they are on there now.

    The Devinci Magma isn't mine, but my gf's.

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  2. chu

    chu Likes Bikes and Dirt

    wow nice have a lot...i especially love the santacruz nomad...its ballin:p
  3. {ScarFace}

    {ScarFace} Likes Dirt

    Oh I love the old Norco
    Hardcore Freeride old school

    You better hold on to it.
  4. nedz33

    nedz33 Likes Dirt

    2 santa cruz's! you are a lucky man......
  5. KA0S

    KA0S Likes Dirt

    So you currently still have all these bikes? Nice, love the old Norco
  6. crank1979

    crank1979 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Nah only one Nomad. I just put different parts on it after having it for about 8 months.

    The changes were...

    Wheels - DT Swiss FR6.1D rims/NSB 20mm front hub/Dice Roulette rear hub/DT 14g spokes/Continental Diesel tyres ---> Mavic Crossmax SX/Maxxis Minions tubeless
    Stem - Truvativ Husselfelt ---> Syncros AM
    Bars - Truvativ Husselfelt ---> Answer ProTaper
    Shifters - 06 X9 ---> 07 X9
    Front Derailleur - Deore ---> XTR
    Rear Derailleur - 06 X9 ---> 07 X9
    Brakes - 06 Juicy 5 ---> 07 Juicy 5
    Seat Post - Easton EA50 ---> Thomson
    Cranks - 06 XTR ---> RF Atlas
    Rear Shock - Fox DHX-C 5.0 ---> CCDB
    Cassette & Chain - 06 SRAM PG-990 ---> 07 SRAM PG-990

    I think that's everything.

    Most of the bits i swapped out went onto the GF bike.

    Yeah i still have them all.:)
  7. BLAKE-2234

    BLAKE-2234 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    that santa cruz looks very nice indeed whats the weight of it?
  8. crank1979

    crank1979 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Thanks mate. I really don't know but i'm guessing about 15kg, maybe a bit more.
  9. BLAKE-2234

    BLAKE-2234 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    looks really good with the red and white what do you use it for dh and a bit of everything else
  10. crank1979

    crank1979 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Yeah i just use it for a bit of everything, and although the bike definitely exceeds my abilities, it's a lot of fun!:D
  11. crank1979

    crank1979 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    The new road bike, and a pic of all of them in the rack, including the gf Giant ocr2 flat bar roadie but not including my new bike. I need to find a space for that one.:) Still sorting the stem length out properly too so i'll have a better/flashier one on there when that's worked out.:)

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  12. crank1979

    crank1979 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I added the Anthem a few months back and today added the singlespeed. I gave the Norco to a friend.

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  13. mr_casual

    mr_casual Likes Dirt

    but wait it isnt a norco!

    and to prove to you all how huckable it is!
  14. Russell Boothey

    Russell Boothey Likes Dirt

    jees u have a few bikes lol... love your santacruz
  15. crank1979

    crank1979 Likes Bikes and Dirt


    Don't know what the bloke above you is doing?
  16. BM Epic

    BM Epic Eats Squid

    After watching you ride g-brook the other day and secretly coveting your bike, i have come to the conclusion that you have a perfect bike for riding coupled with a riding style that makes a grown man cry, you don't need any other bikes, the nomad with you piloting it makes a very potent combination!
    Although i couldn't part with my epic!:)..cane creek double barrel...drool..drool!
  17. crank1979

    crank1979 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    The Nomad is gone and i've replaced it with a Pivot Firebird.


    Spec List
    Frame: 2009 Pivot Firebird, small size, rootbeer anodised, Fox DHX 5.0 rear shock that may be replaced with the CCDB i still have.
    Fork: 2009 Fox Float RC2.
    Wheels: Mavic Crossmax SX.
    Brakes: Shimano XT, 8" front and 7" rear.
    Cranks: Shimano Saint 22/36/BR 170mm length
    Pedals: Time Aliums.
    Chain: Sram PC990.
    Cassette: Sram 990 11-34.
    Rear Derailleur: Sram X0.
    Front Derailleur: Shimano XT
    Tyres: Continental Rubber Queens 2.4" UST.
    Stem: Syncros AM, 75mm length
    Handlebars: FSA K Force DH 40mm rise
    Grips: Oury lock-ons.
    Shifters: Sram X0 running full length housing.
    Seat Post: Crank Bros Joplin.
    Seat: SDG Bel Air RL
    Headset: FSA Orbit Extreme 1.5R

    And the stable as it now sits...


    So that's a Pivot Firebird custom build, Giant XTC Two2One custom build, Giant Anthem custom build, Giant OCR2 converted to flat bar roadie, Devinci magma custom build and an EMC2 custom build. :D
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  18. Tomas

    Tomas my mum says im cool

    Sick sick collection dude. What happened to the sanderson :(?
  19. crank1979

    crank1979 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I swapped the Sanderson frame for the Anthem frame. I rode the Half Fling on the Sanderson and decided i'm too soft for a hardtail. :p
  20. jakey_trickster

    jakey_trickster Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Mad Bikes.

    I love your nomad.
    Awesome looking bike.
    And the old school norco is sweet too.

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