New Bike Park for Sydney - Glenworth Valley


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Early bird pricing to get some preseason revenue, same goes for shuttle services like Blue Dirt, big discount on season passes but we were discussing day passes. Not sure what the percentages are for the breakdown of season pass holders to short term users but it is substantially greater in the short term users when it comes to ski resorts.
Yeah fer sure - the massively lower prices and inclusions though has meant there are many many thousands of season pass holders in the ski resorts now - I have heard Perisher sold 10,000 of theirs. Winter only passes used to be well north of $1K!

Pricing aside, has anyone seen any actual info on timing?
Like, when's a DA going in, when do they plan to turn dirt, when are they opening their stage 1, what's in stage 1, etc?


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If they don’t have development approval yet then that’s a serious concern for them. Hopefully they have the necessary approvals if they are announcing it the way they have.

There will be potential regulator complications in traffic management, ecological impacts, water/sewage etc. and also risks of local opposition.

It’s nowhere near me but certainly an interesting privately funded (?) venture. It’s promoted as being of a similar scale to Derby etc. but I imagine wouldn’t have same relative economic benefits in the Sydney surrounds region.


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Never heard this place mentioned, and is actually in Sydney; Jubilee Park in Wahroonga:

Not much to it trail-wise, but looks like a bit of effort has been put in. Anybody been?

And any further news on Glenworth?
I've been to Jubes - calling it a 'Bike Park' is a massive stretch. It's minute, a small dirt eroded pump track, a short (like 400m) 'flow' trail and a tiny skills area.

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Ypu just need to embrace the hype @Tubbsy! Substance is irrelevant, chase the likes.

Plus it isn't in Sydney, it's in the shitty wastelands of the central coast. They're probably waiting on a fresh access road plan from the council. One with too many roundabouts


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Well it's not in Sydney for reasons already discussed.

Anyway, I'm happy it's in the wastelands of the Central Coast because it's not far from my parents' place.


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Negotiations are all but finalised with the bike hire fleet sponsor and their website is ready to launch but just waiting on final dotted i's and crossed t's, you can give thanks to beaurocracy for the delay but the opening dates are still on schedule.
Do they have the necessary planning and environmental approvals ?