New Bike Park for Sydney - Glenworth Valley


Eats Squid
Hey, that's the same 20meter section of track, just taken for two different angles
I guess the fundraising didn't go too well.
at least the line to ride won't be too long!


Eats Squid
not cynical, just realistic!
they have a perfectly good website up and running that most already know about, but decided not to use it, but instead have posted a heap of crappy file photos on there instead to stir the froth?!
they have posted no real progress on what the funding has gone too either, only a few Q&A responses on the website
and the synergy trails website seems to have gone to shit too...
don't get me wrong, I would be stoked to have something like this an hour from my home, I just a little worried that it might not become what was promised..trying to not get my hopes up, I hate disappointment :(


The obviative
Wouldn't council approval come before any serious trail building efforts?
Really depends. There may be parts of the freehold land without vegetation protections/overlays where you can do things like build trails as-of-right.

They certainly couldn’t build on protected / mapped sensitive (for whatever reason) areas without approval from either the state, federal or local government depending on the issues and assessment provisions.

They also couldn’t commence operations or construct the necessary buildings and servicing infrastructure without Council approval.


Sphincter beanie
You could be right, Creaky - that bit of trail looks like it was built through a tip. Nothing there looks sensitive.