NEW Flowtown trail - Falls Creek

Discussion in 'Enduro / All Mountain' started by Bluedirt, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Bluedirt

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    Here is the first look at the new Flowtown trail at Falls Creek. Opening on the 19 NOV at the Ignition MTB Event.

    The trail is at a very intermediate level with a few more advanced options along the way making it super fun for all riders. The ability to link this trail with others in the network such as High Voltage (off the summit) and Wishing Well will see riders largely descending for close to 10kms.

    More teasers and full video to come.

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  2. Miguel75

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    Do you have a link? I'm pretty excited to check this out at ignition...
  3. Bluedirt

    Bluedirt Likes Dirt

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  4. Emigna

    Emigna Squid

    What a waste of time putting that together??

    Im looking forward to falls being completed this summer. Will the remainder of the trails around the summit be done as well?
  5. C'mon summer. Cant come around soon enough. Great to see some nice long descents coming to Aus.
  6. digitalhippie

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  7. droenn

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    I need to get friends so I can plan a trip.
  8. trav

    trav Likes Dirt

    looked pretty good ,untill the riders had to start locking up their back wheel to get around some corners.
  9. Spike-X

    Spike-X Grumpy Old Man

    Looks like fun!
  10. Miguel75

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    I'm getting excited for Ignition though am trying to recover from a grade 2 MCL/PCL tear... hopefully it'll be right for the weekend.
  11. Nautonier

    Nautonier Eats Squid

    So to get 10km does it come out way down the road from the village??

    Looks great, nice dirt!
  12. Juan Dinger

    Juan Dinger Likes Bikes

    Yep, dirt looks amazing. Definitely venturing down over the Christmas break this year, hopefully on a new bike !!
  13. casnell

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    Yes, do you need to shuttle it?
  14. Switch

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    I believe it comes out at Howmans Gap next to the ticket box / YMCA Camp. There is an uphill trail you can ride up or perfectly positioned for easy turnarounds for shuttle runs with a vehicle. I can't give any feedback on what the ride up is like as I may or may not have only ridden it in the opposite direction :heh:
  15. Nambra

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    Did you injure yourself 'fixing' your pikes? :boink:
  16. Miguel75

    Miguel75 Likes Dirt

    Haha, not exactly... I was "fixing" other bits;)
  17. Nautonier

    Nautonier Eats Squid

    No, happy to ride up, just wanted to confirm that it really is a ~10km descent!
  18. digitalhippie

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    ~10km roughly is from the top of the Summit, out along Frying Pan Spur, down High Voltage, Wishing Well, then onto Flowtown. Flowtown runs off Wishing Well, just above the entry to the village and ends at Howmans Gap.

    Blue Dirt are running shuttles throughout Summer from Howmans Gap - to the Village - to the Summit. You can choose to ride just Flowtown, just the summit down to the village, or the whole thing. There's also an uptrail from Howmans Gap called Packhorse. It's not a bad pedal back up to Falls, but can't see guys doing it too many times in one day though vs shuttling.

    Word is Flowtown is running even faster than it was just prior to Winter when the video was shot :rockon:
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  19. dunndog

    dunndog Eats Squid

    Sounds pretty healthy huh?! Are you going to ignition?
  20. Emigna

    Emigna Squid

    I know the ignition event is the "official opening", however are trails open during nov now the snow has cleared?

    Seems silly to wait for a specific date if they are ready earlier.

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