new improved Orange Alpine 160


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outstanding bills have replaced the HD!!!!

but, no doubt something will fill its place, maybe another the same, or maybe something else

lots of good bikes out at the moment, with more 650b options becoming available over the year

must resist!!!!
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Burley as fuck!
I love the Orange's, but they have always seemed a little too exe for my liking.
What is the frame cost likely to be for this new one?


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Yeah, $3k is too much. Guess they are a handbuilt frame, but it seems too much.
I see more value in a carbon Ibis or Santa Cruz.
It sucks, because i love the industrial looks of Oranges.
Maybe i just need to ride one to justify the expense....


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I love how when you buy a frame, you get a seat post clamp as a part of the price....thanks for the $10 part! Looks fu@ken awesome though! On the one day list along with a Nomad.


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Just wondering how come they are $2999 here when they are £1600 frame only (inc 17.5% VAT) Retail on the Orange UK website. That would be $2500 at today's exchange rates.

I know Orange Aus need to cover import costs and taxes plus a bit of profit but surely $500 more than you can buy them for in the UK is a little excessive?

Just a thought.


what is a yous
Just a thought.
Probably not.

look at this example if you were to import something worth $2k

Example 3: An importation of goods (other than tobacco products or alcoholic beverages) valued above A$1000

Customs value (Cval) 2000.00
Customs duty (Duty) @ 5% of Cval 100.00
International transport and insurance or postage (T&I) 150.00
Value of the Taxable Importation (VoTI) (Cval+Duty+T&I) 2250.00
Goods and Services Tax (GST) @ 10% of the VoTI 225.00
Total payable Duty + GST 325.00
A mere $500 more than the cost from the UK is no big deal.
The local company needs to make profit.


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New Alpine 160 $

Pricing should be a little sharper this year.

Frame with CTD (not Factory Kashima) $2799
Complete AM $4,599.00
Complete RS $5,299.00

Aus site to be updated this week with further info etc.


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The Alpine 160 looks blitzing, especially in green.If i lived near mountains i would be super tempted.
Am considering a new trail/AM build and the Orange 5 has my attention, gotta say i like the simplicity. the only problem i have is test riding one.
would want to spend an hour or 3 on one but i dont know anyone with one and no one in adelayed stocks 'em.
Boysik, do you know the weight of a 5 frame in medium?


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Great colours for that frame. Looks amazing.

Lucky I start working full time next year - this could be a go-er.