New Rotecs in the near future

Discussion in 'Downhill' started by RCSully, May 19, 2010.

  1. RCSully

    RCSully Squid

    Damm Kegs,

    Found the chromies!!

    BTW, You never sent me a resend of the polished jobbies. Can't believe you made me go searching for my own rig!

    I'am actually looking into offering the Polished finish for the next run of Lawwill's.
    I'll also be offering Ano as standard finish's for 2012 with powdercoat as the lesser option.

    Just so everyone knows, the next Gen of Rotecs are being sorted and I firmly and wholeheartly
    believe that these will be the pinacal of all Lawwill's especially any of the versions I've produced thus far.

    Kegs I'll get you more info here shortly regarding these and once I finalize a few more things I'll get some rendering out for all to see.

    Later this year I'll have some pre-production pieces and I may even be able to get one over to you
    for show n tell with your general public!

    Thanks for taking care of Rotec business down at your end of big blue.

    And for sure, thanks to all who have been loyal to the brand and have thought enough of us to
    stick through all the growing pains this design has had.

    The new RLi WC, as this production model will be known as will be the shizzle fer sure.

    Thanks again peeps,

    John Sullivan

    RoteCycles USA
  2. kegs

    kegs Cycle Logic

    2011 Rotec RLI WC

    Well the cats out of the bag, so to speak.

    For those that have ridden the RL9, the new RLI WC will be even better.
    Sully doesn't do things by halves.

    The 2011 RLI WC will be a lighter and more refined lawwill.

    As for the polished frame, check this post out:-

    For those that support Cycle Logic and Rotec Cycles, thanks a bunch.
    Cheers Kegs.....
  3. J@se

    J@se Breezeway Bandit

    Damn. I clicked on this thread hoping to see pics of the RLi.:(

    Good to know they're in the works, can't wait to see what you come up with Sully.
  4. evObda2

    evObda2 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    no picture teaser???? :(
  5. Nick53

    Nick53 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Damn just as I bought an RL9. O well the RL9 is pretty much the best bike I've ever riden so the RLi should be unbelievable.

    Can't wait to see some pictures.
  6. indica

    indica what is a yous

    Can't wait to see them... maybe my wait has been worth it.
  7. Kezza dawG

    Kezza dawG Likes Dirt

    pretty exited for these.
    was talking to kegs about the changes and sounds sick (even if its a secret so far...).
    is there any geo changes at all?
    if sully offers them in polished/chrome i shotty one.
    bring on the goods.
  8. kegs

    kegs Cycle Logic

    CAD drawing

    Here's the final drawing of the 2011 RLI WC.
    Apart from some minor changes if fabrication, this is it...... Stay tuned
    Rotec RLI WC 2011.jpg
  9. Nerf Herder

    Nerf Herder Wheel size expert

    Thought I'd put up a side by side comparo

    Looks very similar ... slightly curvier ... and the seat tube / top tube junction has changed, slightly tapering chainstays. Would be good to see earlier models as well to highlight the evolution approach.

    Looking forward to a ride one day :)


  10. J@se

    J@se Breezeway Bandit

    Want! Let me know when they're due Kegs. Black Ano please.:)
  11. evObda2

    evObda2 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Apart from front triangle changes.. how has the suspension improved over the previous model?
  12. RCSully

    RCSully Squid

    Actually evObda2, the improvements made to the new RLi are a culmanation of three generations of Lawwills produced by Rotec.
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  13. RCSully

    RCSully Squid

    The changes and reasons.

    The formula that Mert Lawwill created is time tested and proven. His concept of a 4-bar set the bar early in this industry for many of the designs that were to follow.

    The one defining mark that Rotec made with the introduction of the RL9 was the incorporation of the concentric BB pivot as the main CS pivot thus remaining true to the orginal Lawwill concept.
    Unlike traditional concentric's that have their rear axle attached to the CS our's is a true Lawwill in the sense that the rear axle (wheelpath) is controlled by the rear link.

    Remember the RS-1?, this very first production Lawwill creation was a XC climbing machine that Mert built with none other the the unsurmountable, Gary Fisher so pedaling is in this designs DNA, so to speak.
    The Schwinn versions as well as Yeti's all contributed to the Lawwill's early success, and rightly so their versions were Lawwills but not in the purist form. The concentric pivot was the missing key that they lacked and this is what Rotec provided.

    This RLi's rear suspension assembly though improved is still very much Lawwill in performance. Their's always room for improvement and rightly so we've made minor tweeks to the design over the 2009 RL9.
    Where the new RLi stands-out is in its excution and from lessons learned from the previous 3 generations of Lawwills RotecCycles produced.

    New updated tube shapes, revised geo, revised machined parts and of course the all important weight loss and improved shifiting are the striking differinces that make this new new design standout.

    The fans of the Lawwill design will agree that it was rarily the rear suspension performance that failed but more the idocracises that the Lawwill design brought forth like a long wheelbase, weight and shifting

    Hey, I know this may sound like alot of blah, blah, blah. but what can I say, the Lawwill rear suspension works quite splendedly and I am pleased to have in in our upcoming lineup.
    As for the new RLi WC? It will be a new standard in Lawwill designs and that ain't such a bad thing.
    Thanks again peeps for keeping Rotec real!

    Last edited: Jun 12, 2010
  14. evObda2

    evObda2 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Thats answered my question, like most Dh bikes over the last 5 years, wheelbase has become slightly shorter and also lighter design.

    Sounds good as ive always liked the Rotec’s, and there suspension design. But never bought one because of the things mentioned above.

    Id be interested to test ride the new version when i look to update from my 224 next year.
  15. Blanco78

    Blanco78 Squid

    now we wanna see RLi pics!!

    ; ))
  16. RCSully

    RCSully Squid

    In Time

    All in good time young skywalker:D
  17. kegs

    kegs Cycle Logic


    All I can say is how many bike company gurus actually post on any forums letting riders know what the future holds...

    Long live Rotec, and by the way, I have riders that have jumped on the bikes from other leading bands to really appreciate what Sully and Rotec are doing.

    My rant is over.

    Cheers Kegs
  18. cjaty

    cjaty Likes Dirt

    I agree its nice to hear it straight from the horses mouth.Its made me follow this thread just for intrests sake
  19. LeeD

    LeeD Likes Dirt


    I've been riding a Yeti DH9 for a couple of seasons now and I love it...

    But there is quite a considerable distance between derailleur and cluster caused by the drop link which does effect the shifting.

    What have you done to improve the shifting on your frames?

    And of course the $64,000,000 question availability and cost??????
  20. bethextrem1

    bethextrem1 Likes Dirt

    Here Here.
    Great work Sully.
    I too am very interested in an RLi.
    Looking forward to seeing this bike.
    Looking more forward to riding one!

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