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Strange request I know, and believe me I've used the search engine to avoid starting this thread.
I've been dating this bird who is obsessed with hot pink! She's a super fit triathlete, and she now wants to give mountain biking a try for adventure races & events like Anaconda.
She's after a hot pink mountain bike! A cross country or all mountain bike would suit.
In my searches I've only come across the Yeti ASR which is a very nice bike but probably a little over the price range for a beginner rider.

Does anybody know of any others to consider?


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You can always strip back a frame of your choice and get some hot pink PlastiKote and do it yourself..
sounds like shes got taste. i have two pink bikes, one i painted pink myself, one i bought second hand already pink. neither were originally pink, both had to be custom painted. good luck finding a pink bike new- seeing as most mountain bikes are ridden by guys, and most guys are too scared of their mates accusing them of being gay to risk it...

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If money wasn't toooo much of a problem I'd invest in the Giant Cypher. It's got nice pinkish/red hot spots and it's allll class.



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When I was on the spring-cycle I saw an all out pink STP with a chic rider
-Pikes with pink lowers
-Pink bars/grips/stem
-Pink frame
-Pink rims
-Pink hubs (wtf?)
-Pink tyres
-Pink seat
-Only thing wasnt pink was the seat post.

She was probably about 15/16
Now before you get too excited: She was excessively fat and caused me to vomit on the side of the road. :(


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She was probably about 15/16
Now before you get too excited: She was excessively fat and caused me to vomit on the side of the road. :(
Good thing she rides then hey, lets hope she is not a Farkin member. Comments like that could turn her of riding, possibly turning her in to a Bushwalker;).

Now the bike, I would pick a bike that is suitable and send the frame to grip, if pulling it down is not an option for you. I am sure you could tee something up with your LBS and get them to strip it down as part of the deal. Good luck.


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One of the 08 Specialized womens bikes was pink, possibly the equivalent of the Epic - perfect for XC.

Mind you, even though I'm a girl, it really $hits me when they make some models available only in pink, but it obviously interests enough people.


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Do you mean fat fat, or the typical adolescent definition of fat, i.e. if you can't see her ribs through two layers of clothing, she's fat?
No i mean FAT FAT. I think she was using the stp because a road/kmart bike wouldnt hold up to casual road riding :confused:


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06 kona lisa, my missus has one and it is about as hot pink as you can get, with a decent spec. you could pick one up for about 1000.



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i was going to get pink goggles. but then i thought that it would be no fun lining up for a shuttle with pink goggles...


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pink bits

Lots of pink parts out there including Halo tyres, just depends how taseful she wants it.

See my sig for a bike with pink parts.
*CK headset
*Hope brakes
*SKF bottom bracket cups
*Dangerboy seatpost clamp
*Imperial lockon grips caps
*Custom Fox fork stickers

Since the photo was taken there's a CK pink f/r hubset along with a pink salsa seatpost qr.
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