STOLEN Pivot Mach 429 aluminium

Discussion in 'Lost/Found/Stolen' started by Johnacles, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Johnacles

    Johnacles Likes Bikes

    On Tuedsay, March the 11th 2014 my Two week old Pivot Mach 429 XT/XTR Pro build (kashima shocks, XT cranks and brakes, XTR derailleur) with Stans Arch EX wheels with Stan's 3.30 hubs, Anodized blue with Red Pivot hardware and Racing Ralphs. Looks badass, or did...
    Serial number: C12050323
    Stolen somewhere between 4:15 and 4:45 from the Inner-west Sydney, just near Stanmore station.

    Please let me know if anyone see's it riding around, or discarded in a bush, or on Gum Tree. Fell free to knock him off.

    Cheers guys, John.
  2. Minlak

    Minlak Pyromaniac

    Man you must devastated tell me you had insurance? Not that lessens the violation
  3. Johnacles

    Johnacles Likes Bikes

    Totally devastated. And yes, thank the two wheeled gods we got the insurance last week.

    Just a side note, it was stolen from a back yard while I was having a trombone lesson! These people aren" crazy.
  4. hifiandmtb

    hifiandmtb King of his castle

    I am speechless.

    Photo of actual bike:

  5. The Reverend

    The Reverend Likes Dirt

    Gutted for you. These filth will nick the milk out of your coffee.
    Hope the insurers are good to you and you're sorted quickly.
  6. Big JD

    Big JD Wheel size expert

    Hi John, that is terrible mate- crims arent very bright, it will probably show up somewhere obvious. I would have thought the sound of you practising the trombone would have scared them off.
  7. OCD'R

    OCD'R Likes Dirt

    My poor Mont24 teammate… gutted for you JK. It is such a violation of space and self. Hope the situation is rectified asap.
  8. rone

    rone Eats Squid

    Was it a rusty trombone?
  9. Big JD

    Big JD Wheel size expert

    I was wondering who would sink to such deprived depths.
  10. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    and you assumed me, right? :pout:
    Bugger about the bike, mate. I'll keep an eye out on all the sites. :rant:
  11. Big JD

    Big JD Wheel size expert

  12. gead

    gead Likes Dirt

    Good luck OCD said....gutted for you
  13. evObda2

    evObda2 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Mate thats horrible news. I live just down in Petersham towards Dulwich Hill so ill keep an eye out if its still around..
  14. Johnacles

    Johnacles Likes Bikes

    Thanks for your kind words and advice guys, they have been taken on board and I'll be searching the net like a hawk.
  15. rone

    rone Eats Squid

    In all seriousness, I hope you get it back and I also hope you are allowed 5 minutes tap-dancing on the face of the mouth-breather that took it.
  16. Johnacles

    Johnacles Likes Bikes

    LOL, sounds like a plan.
  17. Locknatious

    Locknatious Likes Bikes

    Man thats shit about ya bike. you mst be gutted. I hope it turns up soon and the bastard gets whats coming...
  18. Isildur

    Isildur Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Spewing mate! As a fellow Pivot owner (have a had one or two in my time) I can only imagine the feeling!

    I'll keep an eye out over this way!
  19. ChopSticks

    ChopSticks Banned

    Wrong lead
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2014
  20. wavike

    wavike Likes Dirt

    Might want to delete that Chop sticks - the guys a ex world champ and most likely legit

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