Pivot Mach 6 + Push Industries ElevenSix Coil over shock

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by EsPeGe, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. EsPeGe

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    Hi all, firstly best wishes for the silly season. For me Christmas came early when my Push Industries ElevenSix coil over shock turned up for my Mach 6. I forked out the big bucks on it 10 days ago purchasing it through their Australian distributor NS Dynamics from Annerley QLD. The process involves a brief chat with the guys at NS to work out your weight, riding style and how you like things set up and what bike it's going on. They then get on to Push in the US who put the shock together, tune it to your specs, set it for your bikes leverage ratio then send it on to NS. I was pretty happy with the speed of the process from order to arrival so I could play with it before Christmas.

    So today I got off work hurried home and put it on the bike. The shock is replacing a 2015 Fox Float X Factory CTD that was retro fitted with the EVOL canister. I was generally happy with the shock but was always looking for something that would make my bike even better. After a lot of reading I pulled the trigger on the ElevenSix and I'm keen to get out and test it. The ElevenSix weighs in at a fairly hefty 834g Vs the Fox at 417g so I've gained 417g. That said the bike is still pretty light (for an AM enduro rig) at just over 13kg. I had a wee stack at Thredbo on Monday and slightly overextended my left elbow so I'll have to wait until the 29th before I test it. I will update the thread once I have spent some time on it but until then here are a few pics of it fitted to the bike.


    The small red knob (left) is rebound, the 2 large grey knobs (right) are HSC and the Small blue knobs are LSC. The lever between the knobs switches circuits between climb and descend modes.




  2. MARKL

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    If all else fails it is a dead set sexy looking shock. Will be interested to see the ride report as it is an interesting option, I am impressed with the turn around time for a full custom shock.
  3. B Rabbit

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    Bam! And your money is gone


    Just clears the frame, did you check with Push first to see if it would fit?

    Good luck with it!
  4. EsPeGe

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    Yeah mate each ElevenSix is custom built for the bike and rider. They currently only have 30 bikes this shock is available for with more coming. They get the leverage ratio's for each bike from the manufacturer then build the shock to get the best out of it. They work pretty closely with these companies. For example this is the only coil over that Pivot allow on the Mach 6 without voiding the warranty.
  5. EsPeGe

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    Yeah it looks hot! I'm going to be riding Stromlo with some mates on the 29th and 30th so I'll bang up some initial thoughts after that. It's going to be a long 5 days!!!!
  6. Ultra Lord

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    So jealous. Can't wait for a ride report.
  7. MARKL

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    Cool, if you get mugged at Stromlo:behindsofa:wasn't me
  8. teK--

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    Looks awesome have read about these looks like a tweaker's dream! Look forward to ride report.
  9. Ky1e

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    Serious shock for a wicked bike! Enjoy it man!
  10. Wake Jake

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    Such a good bit of kit for those who really like to fiddle with settings. Been keen on one for a while I just have commitment issues
  11. link1896

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    Sexy. How much?
  12. EsPeGe

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    You better sit down...................
  13. EsPeGe

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    $1650 aud.
  14. link1896

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    Oh I was thinking closer to 2k. Hand built, boutique, low volume, that isn't too bad really. Sure compared to the mass produced products from SRAM and fox but this is in a different league
  15. iUDEX_nCr

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    nothing like a coil shock though! plus all this reading (bike commitment issues here too) makes these sound so good!
    P.S: that's a TI coil right?
  16. EsPeGe

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    No it's alloy.

    From the push site

    "Exclusive HyperCo Ultra Light Suspension Spring available in 25lb/in increments. Made from High Tensile spring alloy and featuring Optimum Body Diameter technology eliminating spring deflection and body wear".

    A lot of folks have been asking about Ti springs for the ElevenSix. May be an upgrade in the future but at this point no joy.
  17. EsPeGe

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    It certainly feels like it riding round my backyard. Hope to christ it's the same on the trails.
  18. jda

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    So its a steel spring?
  19. EsPeGe

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    Sorry that should have been AN alloy.

    Yes steel.
  20. EsPeGe

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    So I got out to Stromlo for a first ride today and my initial impressions are very good. We got out for a quick ride but my arm was giving me shit so I was taking it pretty easy. During the climb the shock was unbelievable. The back end felt so much better it was ridiculous. I immediately noticed better traction on the loose-over-hardpack Stromlo trails. The other very noticeable change was how the back end went over successive bumps. This is kind of hard to describe but the old shock (Fox Float X Factory CTD) would "bob" almost like a pedal bob over these sort of bumps. This would kill momentum unless you really blasted over them which wasn't always possible when completely rooted from a climb. The ElevenSix was having none of that it just cruised through them smoothing the bumps along the way. To say I was happy would be an understatement.

    During the descent the shock felt good, easily as good as the Fox but I certainly need to have a tweak to get it feeling the way I like. My sag setting in particular needs to be sorted. I was a little excited to get out there today and haven't set it properly which gives you an indication of how good this thing really is. Even with incorrect settings it still descended well and I've no doubt that when I get them dialled it's going to kill it.

    Before buying this shock I read a lot of reviews from folks who have one on MTBR forums: -




    The reviews were overwhelmingly positive to the point I began thinking it might be mass hysteria. There were so many superlatives thrown out that I thought "ok this thing is good but it can't be that good". A few posts mentioned that once you get this thing on you'll notice that the front end feels different. I actually noticed this which surprised me. I'm not normally attuned that deeply to what's happening but it was pretty obvious. The back end felt smooth and composed whilst the front felt a little jittery in comparison. It wasn't bad but there was a clear difference to how it felt before and after I put the ElevenSix on despite not changing any front end settings. I know this seems weird but it's true.

    Please bear in mind that these are only initial thoughts and there are many more k's before I can give a solid report but I wanted to get the initial impressions up so I can look back when I give a more detailed report to see if I still feel the same things. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them as clearly as possible.

    Cheers Scott.

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