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anyone remember this show?

Population control is mentioned as a solution back in the 80's.

Shame the markets and companies and Govt and GDP of the golbal economy rely on growth to keep viable rather than find a stable medium.

@Haakon is onto something!



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Nope. Never does.

In this context, they always link electrical energy to "energy".
Yeah, nah. Natural gas for heating and cooking is included in energy production/consumption figures. It just isn't specified. Only a percentage of it goes to electricity generation.
Natural gas provides almost as much energy as electricity to Australian homes. In 2016-17, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas provided households with 181 petajoules of energy. For the same period, households used 213 petajoules of electricity. More than 100,000 kilometres of transmission and distribution pipelines deliver natural gas safely and reliably to homes around the country which use the gas for heating their houses, their hot water and for cooking.


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This is the article I posted from:

Old figures here (2016) but of electrical energy production in Germany, renewables back then were 31.6%:

But of primary energy production, only 12.5%.

That's fuck all.

Primary energy production is explained here.

That article is all about coal, coal is mainly used for producing electricity. There's no fucking way Germany will see primary energy production hitting 65% renewables by 2030, which is my point about the misleading statement in the article.

Renewables currently account for 40 per cent of Germany's energy generation but there are plans to increase that to 65 per cent by the end of the decade. To meet its Paris targets, the country must do more.


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Whilst it demonstrates how humanity can control its behaviour, this is not how we’re going to lick CC:

The question is whether changes are temporary. China’s climate gains – so far estimated at about 200 megatonnes of CO2 – could be short-lived if factories later reopen and crank up production to make up for lost business. President Xi Jinping has indicated the government will provide extra stimulus packages to help the economy recover. Some reports suggest this could prove counterproductive for the climate if this means ramping up coal production or relaxing environmental controls. The last time China suffered a major threat to GDP growth was during the 2008-9 financial crisis. Within a year, extra government spending ensured both the economy and CO2 were back on an upward trajectory.
#jobsngrof until we decide it’s not all about #jobsngrof.

Don’t forget peeps - CC is a real problem for humanity. COVID19 is but a single mosquito in comparison.


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Short term maybe, but I doubt people will embrace the current situation as the new norm for restricting our lifestyles.
Without a doubt, but I can't think of a single action taken by any government, short of mass declaration of war and invasion on several significant countries that will have the impact on emissions that Corona will.


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On case you thought our governments were only focussing on covid...

Desperate for money to rebuild the footy once the pandemic is over. Each club will get a brand new stadium. Once the water is too polluted to drink Sydney will just drink ale.