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RE or DD?!

Hi guys,
my name is Per Tautorat and I'm a factory team rider of Reichmann Engineering and the yellow RIP in the title post is my own unique version.

I read the last post from user "FoxRidersCo" and thats why I`ve created this account here.
I would like to clarify the thing about Doubledragon-Bikes and Reichmann Engineering.

Let me keep it as simple as possible.
Matthias Reichmann has developed and designed all DoubleDragon frames, they worked for some years together and labeled his frames.

In August 2012 Matthias Reichmann and all teamriders (like me) quit the partnership with Doubledragon as label because Matthias wanted to go his own way and created his own label -> Reichmann Engineering. So from then you can call this frames Reichmann Engineering. They are all 100% constructed by Matthias Reichmann and produced in german manufactures, so the quality level is very high.

If you want to get more information about Reichmann Engineering, the frames and tuningparts (a.e. scott voltage tuning levers) I would please you to follow our Facebook site

or you easily send an request for any information about R.E. to this mail-address: info (at) reichmann-engineering. de

Cheers and ride on!
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it also looks pretty much the same as an antidote but without the funky chainstays. as long as its long enough it should ride rad - the propains and anitdotes too.