The Chilli Thread!


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That guy is completely insane! I hope he gets paid well for being a gastronomic stunt-man. I reckon he's more hardcore than the Jackass crew...


OK, so I'm a chilli eater through and through but I don't battle fruits THAT DESTROY!!!

But I'm on for 6 for ten for a napalm garden!:target:

Is this just bizarre Aussie comedy or am I seeing silly kiwi flags


I thought the beasts were the Halis. Cince I'm a peasant this is choice.

Measuring Chili Heat.

The Scoville scale is a measure of the 'hotness' of a chilli pepper or anything derived from chilli peppers, i.e. hot sauce. The scale is actually a measure of the concentration of the chemical compound capsaicin which is the active component that produces the heat sensation for humans.

Obviously it won't work for those that have pig genes.

*edit* not hallies, Habboes!
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what is a yous
Jalapenos are about 8000
Habaneros about 300000
those ones he eats on that page are about 1,000,000


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Dinner sometime???

I think not! Ben any thought of dinner is in serious jeopardy, you can have that sort of heat!
I like chilli, but not on this scale you mad bastard.
Peace out with the Hippychillis man. LOL :hippie:


what is a yous
You girl Vince.

The habaneros have an awesome flavour - just want to grown the others for a giggle.
Reminds me of the time a friends kid ate a mouthful of Guacamole - NO!!!! that's Wasabi... HAHHHAAA
Kid was licking the carpet!


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Wow! I love chili, but even though I can train my body to handle it on the way in I just can't train it to handle it on the way out.
My Mum grows some pretty gnarly ones that put a blister on my lip once, but nothing like the ones above.
I'd love to try some on some hawaiian pizza though.
Just googled the scoville scale out of curiosity and found these bad boys. 1,400,000! I need a glass of milk!

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Farkin Legend

There was a farkin dude that i am guessing 3-4 years ago had a bumper crop and sent out a few small jars of his home grown stuff to a few of us. I was 1 of the lucky receivers. He was in the Northern Rivers of NSW (lismore area) from memory. I still have a little bit left of his hot generosity. A fantastic flavour as well as the instant sweat that a good chilli delivers.... Whoever he was/is - thanks again.:flame:

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from memory the guy was "customjimmy" or something along those lines.

I also recall one of the bottles exploding in someones face upon opening


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Ok then. Im a bit of a chilli lover too.

Heres a test (lets not cheat and use google):

Name the only chilli that has black seeds? (and purple flowers)... Est 600000 BTU.......(so my freckle tells me the next day..)

The ones I have rate about 50,000 scoville...Pretty warm, but deliscious!
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C. pubescens : ROCOTO RED

This is the most common chile found in the Andes. Flowers are purple with some white, leaves and stems are strongly pubescent (hairy), and the seeds are dark brown or black rather than yellow or white. It is the only variety with black seeds. It requires a long cool frost-free growing season (120+ days), preferring temperatures of 40-60 degrees F. It is the most cold tolerant of all the chilli varieties(therefore they do better in the shade for most of us). The plants will grow 10+ years and get up over 10 ft. tall if not subjected to frost or extreme summer heat. Pods mature to yellow. Fruit is very fleshy, similar in shape to a Jalapeno and seed core is quite separate from the flesh, rather like a small, pungent, delicious bell pepper. Each year you can expect to pick at least 20 kg of chillies from each mature plant.....

Also called Rocoto (Peru), Locoto (Bolivia), chile Manzano and chile Peron (Mexico).

Heat Range 30,000-60,000 Scoville Heat Units, Some palates consider them much hotter than Habaneros due to the unique mix of capsaicins.

I havent had a friend yet whom can successfully eat one of these beauties....(without vomitting or passing out).....but I find they are very tasty although they make me suffer just a little...
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