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how has the whole zombie craze not warn out yet lmao.

It was fun like 5-10 years ago now I just laugh and ignore zombie games.

but i guess over done, boring uninspiring and uninteresting explains ALOT of video games these days.


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Outer Worlds getting solid reviews, looks really good.. but will still wait for sale pricing/steam release I think


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Bought this tonight... just released. Great sense of downhill speed and sliding. Good fun.

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yeahhhhh, was about to put this up
got my notification from steam this morning, been watching this for months!
wicked fun game, nothing too serious but does look to have a bit of depth still. i dont mind descenders, but this wipes the floor with it, definitely the most fun MTB game i've played as yet.

...he'll make that gap, little polygonal dude is a gun ;)


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Nope, will do eventually because it looks very cool. Fallout New Vegas is $5 at the moment however :)

I.... I sold the xbox on the weekend. This is not something new for me though, I typically buy the console, play it for a few years and then offload the whole thing. Gives me a chance to catch up on PC gaming until the next gen comes out next year :)

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How is it? It looks bonkers but I do love a good exploration game - I'm currently meandering around Hyrule aimlessly but content in Breath of the Wild with no urgency to try and complete the story line.
And I’m loving it. Just finished the climbing gear set, it’s made it better for sure.


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Death Stranding.....
From what I've bothered to watch, this looks like the stupidest game made. I'm not gonna play it so my opinion on it isn't educated but the hype around this guy's games astounds me. I've played the Metal Gear's and they are great but fuck me they drag on.