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I've thought about how that could potentially happen at my work in Land Surveying. I know each job is different, but the main thing I can think of is catching it on a barbed wire fence while jumping one, or repetitive stress from a sledgehammer.

I had entertained the thought about getting one tatooed on, but haven't seriously considered it.
Or dont wear it at work...

I degloved my hand and I dont even wear a ring.

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^ I have a bunch of friends who opt for no ring at work, fear of injury etc. On a chain around the neck for those of them who can't be away from the ring.

My mum caught her wedding ring on a fence and fucked her finger up good way way way back. Didn't deglove it, but certainly started the process.

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Why does my Rotor go ting ting on rough ground?
It’s a 200 Sram centreline on the front.
Everything is tight. Rotor straight, Pads are newish.
If I flick it with my finger I get the same noise.
Rear rotor quiet.
Why the ting ting?
Is the rear 200mm too?

My front used to do it. Came from fork flex. Swapped to hope floating and the stainless part doesn’t have enough flex in it to ping anymore.


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Does anyone know if these cheap kids pedals are serviceable?
Looks like the end of the spindle was peened over after assembly?
Has anyone had any luck with similar?
I'd like to clean and re-grease them because the friction is terrible.

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or repetitive stress from a sledgehammer.
Rings can complicate crush injuries - they don't spring back when your finger gets hit.

I'm not saying don't wear one but a lot of people are unaware of the potential for extra pain that rings can bring


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Is the rear 200mm too?

My front used to do it. Came from fork flex. Swapped to hope floating and the stainless part doesn’t have enough flex in it to ping anymore.
No rear is 180. Pretty annoying. Have mates with the same Lyric, same 200 rotor and they don’t seem to get the noise.
Seems like the rotor has a heap of flex.
Might have to look into a Hope rotor.


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It just tore, the box opened, the ring fell out & then reassembled itself all on its own.

At least that's what AustPost will tell you.

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Thanks mate. Glad I didn't spend a lot on it, but man, people are shit.
Yeah they are. The parcel will be insured to some degree yeah?

I know a guy who went with a steel ring. He lost it (part of the no rings on the job thing) and figured it was quite similar to the steel pipes he worked with...fitted himself and cut a bag full of rings in case the issue arose again. He did a bit of fancy grinding for bevels and so on.


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that's really fucked @Elbo. sorry you got ripped.
As an aside - maybe it is time to look at the fingers of the older men in your family. Tungsten rings generally can't be resized so if your family has a history of developing sausage fingers over the course of their lives you may want to pick a material that's easier to work with. I lusted after a black tungsten wedding ring but both my uncles have novelty sized hands. My wifey is not the kind of lady who would be understanding to me packing away my wedding ring later in life as it was cutting off the finger.