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that's really fucked @Elbo. sorry you got ripped.
As an aside - maybe it is time to look at the fingers of the older men in your family. Tungsten rings generally can't be resized so if your family has a history of developing sausage fingers over the course of their lives you may want to pick a material that's easier to work with. I lusted after a black tungsten wedding ring but both my uncles have novelty sized hands. My wifey is not the kind of lady who would be understanding to me packing away my wedding ring later in life as it was cutting off the finger.
Thanks @slowmick. Good advice. Some good news today; got in touch with the jeweller who had great customer service and is shipping another one out sending via FedEx instead of standard post this time. Absolute legend!


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Did someone want a Gobi saddle? I hunted one out but now I can't find the WTB thread anywhere...


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Best place to buy suspension pivot bearings? Local bearing shop, or pre-packaged kit? Bike is a 2009 Giant Reign X

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If you know or can google the sizes hit the phone and call local bearing suppliers. In my experience a bearing shop is much much cheaper than bike shops and the product is the same. Just get name brand bearings like skf, fag etc or chiuoshitzen.


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Is this large ring on the cassette too worn? Seems to be shifting fine, but then skipping a bit under load...