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Discussion in 'XC / cross country' started by triples, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. triples

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  2. Mattydv

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    Wow 42/16. Would be fast through the hills ;)
  3. triples

    triples Likes Dirt

    yeah its not too bad, easily cruise around 35-40kph, until I hit a hill:p
    can do cotter/uriarra on it but havnt been out there for a little while, having too much fun at stromlo on the redline:D
  4. Christo

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    42:16 is just standard commuter gearing...

    The link above shows two of my singlespeeds (in road configuration).

    Another 29er SS on the way to join them - pure off-roader, after I build my 4" XC rig.

    I have a question for the SS riders out there.

    Freewheel or casette? Freewheel all the way for me - so bombproof...
  5. triples

    triples Likes Dirt

    freewheel for me too, strong as, less tools required to remove, and ACS's sound sexy
  6. The funki 1

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    I was forced to run a single speed on my hardtail because my hangar broke and unbeknown to me it is IMPOSSIBLE to find hangars for my bike frame because of it's rarity. So i started with the DMR simple tension seeker and let me just say that i have fallen in love with Single speeds.

    I did hate them when i was on the deralieur set up but my only regret now is that i have not got horizontal dropouts because the Simple tension seeker is a little dodgy...

    Does anyone know how much it would cost for "Grip" to do a job like that?
    (Change my frame to Horizontal dropouts)....:confused:
  7. Gekigengar

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    I also have a question..

    In my contemplation and hessitation of making a fixie i decided Fixie was not going to happen.

    SO now i have an old frame currently running SS with the old cassest finding the straightest chainline.

    Anyway the wheels are deadbeat must be gone.

    So im looking for a nice sturdy singlespeed 700C Road wheelset.
    Budget: 200
    So does anyone know where i could find such a set for me around sydney??? Help!
  8. The funki 1

    The funki 1 Likes Dirt

    I will find out if i can get hold of somefrom the local velodrome tonight and if i can get hold of some i'll post them up to you....:) I'll show you some pics if they have some...
  9. Pete W

    Pete W Likes Dirt

    Freewheel or cassette.....definately cassette you can get the chainline spot on, use Surly cogs and its all good.
    Heres the latest from single speed hub from Aireal Australia, they are the bomb!!!!


    Heres my bike and I'm lov'n it

    Carver 96er single speed.jpg
  10. n plus one

    n plus one Likes Bikes and Dirt

    You might also consider a White Industies eccentric hub.
  11. Dicky

    Dicky Punter God

    Here's one I prepared earlier. Warning: contains council cleanup content.

    ghetto style

    It's getting slicks and a 44t ring next week.
  12. tjb

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    I concur. I've been that impressed with the disc one I got that I had to get a second non disc version for my commuter singlespeed.

    It is like the joy one feels when a magic gear is discovered, yet you get to run the gearing you want!
  13. DarrenHunt

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    When my mum asked what i was going to do with my old mtb that i havnt ridden in years i said it was a project, as everyone does.

    Its taken me some time to decide what to do with it, but the Single Speeders here at farkin have convinced me a single speed is a good option.

    I've just painted it and decided to make it a single speed, seeing how far i can go on spare parts, a just a little $

    Total $ spent = $75

    I'll post it up when its done.

    Hopefully i learn to love SS.

    Thanks for the inspiration

    On another note... How many of you single speeders, also ride geared bikes, roadies, fixies etc.
  14. alchemist

    alchemist Manly Warringah MTB Club

    My SStable

    Surly 1x1 - The one that started it all. I walked into Cyclefantasy to buy a Singulator and ended up walking out with this about 3 weeks later. It's had a few changes over the few years (including a brief flirtation with suspension forks) but is now pretty much back to the original spec.

    Baum Espresso - A dream bike. I started with the geometry of the 1x1
    and raced it up a little. Since this photo was take, the useless CF bottle cage as gone (in favour of one that actually works) and has Goodrich brake lines added. This is a fast bike.

    Surly Cross-Check. Born out of a bit of silliness as an idea for something to ride a 100km race on and double as a commuter. Quite possible the funnest bike ever.
  15. morgs

    morgs morgs

  16. DarrenHunt

    DarrenHunt Likes Dirt

    fast and damn fine.

    i love it
  17. sammydog

    sammydog NSWMTB, Hunter MTB Association

    Well, untill I sort out a dedicated SS frame (on a budget), I have decided to convert my trusty DJ bike (norco 1hun) into my SS bike.

    Change of wheelset for my spare XC set, longer seat post and new seat, throw in my old XT cranks from my old DH bike and I'm off.

    I'll stick a pick up tomorrow after I take a shot, but its looking OK, just a little heavy. But soon I will find me a frame to stick all the parts on.
  18. Pete J

    Pete J loves his dog

    From this:

    To this:

    Spec is as follows...
    Frame: late 80's Peugeot PG10, Reynolds 501
    Forks: stock, Reynolds 501
    Wheels: Profile BMX racing hubs, 16 tooth sprocket, laced onto Rigida Nova rims, DT spokes
    Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon Slick 700 x 30
    Cranks: Stronglight, 42 tooth chainring
    BB: Stronglight
    Pedals: MKS with MKS half clips
    Headset: Stronglight, needle bearings
    Stem: Cinelli
    Handlebar: Sakae titanium, ODI lock grips
    Brakes: Miche calipers with no-name bmx levers
    Seatpost: Stronglight
    Seat: SDG Belair

    Weighs a tad under 10kgs, although not exactly sure of correct weight.
  19. Carlin

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    Here is my single speed:




    It was a frame that was picked up as a cheap commuter. A 1998 Research Dynamocs". It fitted so well that it became my main off road bike. So it was eventually sent off to Grip to get the single speed conversion, and a nice black powder coat.



    This buildup is inspired by the "Clunkers" with the 45 degree sweep of the bars, cruiser grips, fat tyres, bmx top tube pad cover to act as cable routing and flat pedals for fun.


    I have usually have it built up with some retro Marzocchi z2 BAMs, clipless pedals xc tyres and all for racing and enduros. This is just for a bit of fun at the moment.
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  20. rossB

    rossB Cannon Fodder

    Hi, here is my single, my old apollo was in need of some TLC, great commuter and just a good bike to get around on. :D



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