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@Skydome not sure why you'd want to replace highbeam bulbs with a light bar. But...I'd trigger the lightbars own separate relay from the highbeam switch. I think legally you need them on the same switch as highbeam, i.e they both need to come on and off together.

Best keep the lightbar on its own loom.
My main hope was to not have to do heaps of wiring.

I'd like the on/off operation of the bar to be linked with the light switch on the steering wheel rather than having to figure out how to safely get a separate switch into the car.

But is it easy to put it into the high beam? Or is it pretty much plug'n'plany? would something like this make the process easier?
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I think a common way to do it would be to activate the lightbar's relay from the positive wire going to the high beam globe which I think that adapted does.

You may even gat that adaptor in your lightbar kit if you buy from stedi

It's gotta be said putting a lightbar on an old Camry is like lipstick on a pig...


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Unless the lights are negatively switched and then it gets interesting if you wire it that way.
Ah yes and Toyota use negative switching


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Ah yes and Toyota use negative switching

Sometimes. From memory the 80 is neg, the 100 pos and the 200 neg or vice versa.


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My main hope was to not have to do heaps of wiring....
It is the 'heaps of wiring' that will make it reliable.
If you Jimmy-rig something without a relay or without proper switching logic it will fail.
Best case is blown fuses, worst case could be under bonnet fire.

Two simple things I did to my old ute that made the lights significantly better :

1. Buy a headlight restore kit and polish the living jesus out of the old faded poly carb lenses.

2. Change out the old globes for 30% better halogens. (cheap upgrade).

Neither of these require a crash course in auto electrics

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Righto i think i'll just replace the bulb. what do people here think of the Narva blue plus 110?

As for the looks of a LB on a camry, yeah doesn't matter this ones pretty fucked anyways cosmetically so who cares lmao.

but yeah seems easier just to replace the globe


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You've just obtained the status of being the burner with the most commonsense!
Or just lazy perhaps and not bothered with the extra effort.

looking at narva blue plus 110 or the Philips xtream vision.

I know the xtream vision ones are like 110 dollarydoos from super whilst the narvas are like 85 but from googling heaps of people seem to rate the xtream vision one better so idk.

considering most half decent LB's are in the 130-200 range it's still gonna be cheaper than going the lb way.

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I imagine it would be quite the experience on a mildly choppy gravel grind.
I believe it to be more for staying on-board during muddy dh races. Before these seats existed I clued some old tyre to a seat for laughs. I also attempted to resolve a pair of shoes with an old tyre at the same time. Many laughs were attained, neither felt especially practical. The shoes did not last very long.