The Vintage Mountain Bike Thread.


Eats Squid
Looks bad. I went straight to the pics, but then checked and it is disclosed in the ad. She's a hanger upper I reckon.
even if you re-welded it, looks like a major design flaw and would probably break again....what were they thinking doing the chainstay yoke like that, bound for trouble!


The obviative
Anyone around the jimboomba area that could pick it up for me if the dude will sell it to me. Could shoot a 6 pack or a few reefers your way. I'm serious
Sorry dude, that’s an hour from my place and, you know, kids. Hopefully someone Southside can hook you up.


Eats cheese. Sells crack.
Hoping someone can help identify these forks and if they are any good or worth repairing.

Picked up a very cheap trek y22. Only becuase I bought a Y11 back in the day and nostalgia and all. Previous owner decided the nude carbon was no good so gave it a top notch spray bomb in purple View attachment 360057

It seems to have virtually no original parts on it, including the forks.
They look like manitou magnum forks.