The Yeti ASR Carbon is dead. Long live the Yeti SB100.


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So, after a recent nasty accident I've spent three months off the bike recovering from spinal fractures. My Yeti ASR Carbon has had a small crack developing for several months, but it wasn't causing any trouble so I was just watching it. During my forced time off the bike, I thought I would sort out a warranty claim. Sadly, there were no ASR Carbon swing arms available, so Yeti and Rowney Sports kindly upgraded me to a SB100 Turq frame. Epic!

My crash thread:

Direct youtube link:

It's not how fast you are going, it's how fast you stop.

Anyway, here is my new bike

Love the orange bits

More orange bits

Nice detail on the paint job

This stem is a work of art, 80g and rated for enduro

Trusty Next SL, haven't had any trouble with the spindle inserts

Could be forgiven for thinking this is a single pivot bike with the infinity link tucked away so nicely

Still have no idea where Colorado is

Ashima rotor with centrelock adapter to match the rear

After a few years riding Schwalbe I'm giving Maxxis Rekon's a go

Token cat cameo


Tidy cables

Non-driveside look at the rear

I didn't want to buy new Boost wheels to go in this frame, so I'm trying the Now8 centrelock to 6 bolt boost adapter

This adapter spaces out the rear rotor and has a 3mm bit for either side of the hub to change from 142mm to 148mm, they are tucked in here so you can't see them

I can't ride it yet, waiting for the all clear from the spinal doctors.

Let me know what you think!


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Will be living vicariously through you once you're back on the bike. The SB100 is high on the want list for my next bike. Looks beautiful in turquoise

Dales Cannon

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Ditto on the recovery. Guilty as charged, showwd my son explaining it was a single pivot. Interesting.

RE Colorado, you arent in Kansas anymore Tonto. But very fucking close. To find Kansas on a map, draw diagonals. Kansas is in the middle.

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Nice bike there K3nif.
And please take care with your spine fracture. I did the same and yoga helped massively with recovery once they'd healed.

Good luck with yours.


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That is the best looking 'silver lining' I have ever seen.

I really hope you enjoy it - the froth will be epic after the first ride back.

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Good to hear you’re close to getting back on the bike @k3n!f. Having that SB100 sitting there must be like the devil sitting on your opposite shoulder to the one with the doctor on it: “c’mon, you know you want to ride me, a few quick pedals won’t hurt...”

Oh and a final tip - don’t crash when you do get back on it!


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I'd like to see some more detail on how they've squeezed a switch link in there.

Could you take the shock out and video it cycling through?


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There’s a hole waiting for a cable there....

Is that a 500mm seatpost?
There is a hole waiting for a cable, I'm thinking about buying a dropper when I'm allowed to hit the trails. At the moment I've just been given the all clear to start riding on bike paths and roads which I am remarkably excited about, so the standard seat post will stay for a bit. It is a 400mmm MCFK weight weenie seat post and there is 290mm out of the frame. It just looks a bit odd because the top tube is suuuuuuper low for a 100mm "XC" bike.

Anyone know where you can get plugs for internal cable holes to stop them filling with dirt?

I'd like to see some more detail on how they've squeezed a switch link in there.

Could you take the shock out and video it cycling through?
There is an interactive anti squat curve that goes through the travel here:

Thank you hifi. I was holding my tongue and trying to keep positive.
Can always count on rotorburn for some honest opinions! In my two months off I had plenty of time to read the whole thread about the issues with these frames and linkages. I have been sent the latest version of the link, and at 70kg I'm pretty unlikely to have any issues with more flex from the new link.

I have loved all the Yeti's I've had, and have certainly had excellent service from Yeti when I've had issues. Pre life changing crash, I always took great pride in riding my bikes very often and very hard. I've never been one to cover up any of my previous cracked frames, so rest assured if I have issues I will be honest about it.

I'm off for a ride on the local bike path, can't convey how excited I am to be riding at all!


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I remember some old videos of you pushing your old ASR and from memory a hardtail before that pretty darn hard. I have full confidence you'll be out giving this one a good workout in time

Enjoy being back on the bike!