The youtube and google video thread (MTB and non-MTB vids)


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to you guys on rotor burn my channel has just had its first birthday on youtube and rotor burn makes up 8% of my views so thank you to every one that has been watching,
for my subscribers I have put up a little thank you video but I won't post that here as its not really mtb related
but again THANK YOU


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Nice work. Are those the locations in the order they appear?
Ah no, it sort of goes Private Trails, Oonah Hill, Private Trails, Oonah Hill, Private Trails, Dial Range (creek splash) , Private Trails, Wild Mersey, Montgomery Loop, Private Trails, Oonah Hill, Private Trails, Oonah Hill, Wild Mersey, Dial Range (Cliff top):D

Pretty much the timber bridges/drops and some of the jumps are is in Marcelo's private trails, any of the gravel looking trail surface is Oonah Hill in Zeehan. Hard to pick myself and I've ridden them all.


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Oonah Hill looks nice. Hell it all looks great.

Have to get down there soon.
Yeah, it's totally different terrain to anything else in Tassie. Open in the high sections and in among the Tea Trees in the lower sections all with a natural gravel surface that's just below the peat organic layer.


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Showcasing some of the trails in the Northwest of Tassie. Courtesy of Next Level Mountain bike and filmed and edited by Jasper Da Seymour

Van Dreamin Tasmania

Featuring trails from Wild Mersey in Latrobe, Mt Montgomery loop and Marcelo's private trails in Penguin and the soon to be opened Oonah Hill in Zeehan
WOW! Such a sick vid, and I'm with @Tubbsy - I want to go to Oonah Hill, love the area around Zeehan.