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Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by MeridaMatt85, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. MeridaMatt85

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    Hi All, ive been on here a few times and got some great advice so...

    Currently I have a 8yo merida 60D highly customised. (Reba forks, xt 1*11, SLX Brakes, Fox DOSS, usual upgrades of bars, stem, grips, etcm running minion/high roller combo). Recently I have noticed my bike isn't quite up to the trails im riding at the speed I ride them and I find im spending a lot to maintaining it and replacing breaking parts (new wheels are next on the list). Given its a 26" bike with 9mm QR wheels and old geo im thinking its time to upgrade.

    My mates all ride full sussers but I like to be different so am thinking of sticking with a hardtail. I ride mostly single track and love going down more than I do up. So trailtail it is.....

    My local 99 bikes has a 2017 merida big trail 600 discounted as it has a dented top tube, no im not stuck on merida its simply what I saw and within a certain budget. other options are the new Nukeproof scout range in either 29" or 27.5".

    Has anyone ridden or been exposed to the new Scouts? a few local trails (Adelaide-kuitpo, moana) have some decent ruts and was thinking the extra size of the 29er could be a goer to help roll through as would the 27.5+.

    So what im really after is advice on 29" or 27.5+ or 27.5 for trails riding with either of the bikes below. Not too fussed about gearing and brakes as I will probably swap over my existing stuff, but the forks are what have me concerned as they can be expensive to replace. If I go NP then I can swap over my existing dropper too.

    Happy to hear thoughts opinions. You can get a rough guide of budget of 1k-1.5k so no suggesting a transition at 7k+ please!

  2. wkkie

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  3. Ultra Lord

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    I know you have a budget and all, but those tranny hardtails ARE prettt schmick lookin!
  4. MeridaMatt85

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    The Dartmoor does look very good, but if I get it I will need new rims, forks, BB and cranks and a heap of other stuff and means I wont be able to sell my old to help fund.

    Im ideally looking for about 140mm on the front of either 29 or 27.5/+.
  5. Lazmo

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    Sell bike...?


    Everybody needs a spare bike.
  6. link1896

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    Huh? Only 1 spare?
  7. wkkie

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    BB is threaded, takes 140mm forks, 27.5 or 29 wheels.... Looks to have everything you're wanting, unless I'm missing something??
  8. wkkie

    wkkie Likes Bikes and Dirt

    BB is threaded, takes 140mm forks, 27.5 or 29 wheels.... Looks to have everything you're wanting, unless I'm missing something??
  9. Ideate

    Ideate Senior Member

    Sell?? Lol.. I actually just bought another one to mess around with.


    Yeah, a Dartmoor Hornet would fit the bill by the sounds of it. Good wheel and tyre options.. 26x2.35 all the way up to 27.5x2.8. Probably 29x2.5 too. I'm currently running 2.8 Minions on custom Dartmoor 45mm Aircraft/Hope wheels which you could build pretty cheap if you went Novatech or Nukeproof hubs instead.


    Have a look at these guys if you wanted to enquire about Dartmoor stuff locally:

    They have the complete Hornet going for $2100 BUT they recently said they've got some special sale coming up (check their facey).

    Whatever you choose I think you'll be happy. All those bikes you've linked look pretty fun.
  10. MeridaMatt85

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    Yeah the Dartmoor does have everything I want (and it looks good and has that unique-ness I also like!), except I think it will fall out of budget, once I get the frame ($450), new forks ($600), new wheels ($300). I then have to transfer over everything off my old bike (so no sell) and maybe replace a couple of other things that may need replacing along the way such as headset, etc. So maybe $1500 at a min out of pocket- yes it will be a very nice bike granted (and I am considering it!)

    Whereas if I go one of the other options im looking more like $1000 out of pocket after selling my old one.

    Seems like its impossible for us Aussies to get parts from overseas right now, CRC and the rest used to have huge amounts but now nothing. Changed my region to UK and BAM huge selection so that means they mustn't post to AUS... :(

    What do you think IDEATE of the octane frame, I had already been thinking about one of those too..
  11. MeridaMatt85

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    I also saw the Primal from Dartmoor although less travel (can you change the travel in those recon silvers?) it was more within budget and still looks the goods, just not quite as slack HT and a few other bits?!?!
  12. Ideate

    Ideate Senior Member

    It just arrived yesterday so not sure yet. I chose it because it's an NS Bikes company so it must be good right? I mainly choose it because I needed a cheap frame to fit my ebike battery in though..

    I was looking at the djambo too but the triangle wasn't big enough for my purposes..
  13. MeridaMatt85

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    Your building an E-Bike?!

    I keep on coming back to the Nukeproof bikes I was originally looking at and really cant decide which would be better for my riding 29 with 2.35 tyres or the 27.5 with 2.6 tyres...

    If I get one of those with only 1*10 I will most likely swap the components over and sell my old one.
  14. rgy1993

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    Have you heard of the NS Surge before?

    Steel, Threaded BB, 135 rear spacing (QR or 10mm thru axle friendly), takes between 140-160mm forks (it's great fun with a 160mm up front i can say that) and dropouts move to accomodate for 26" or 27.5.

    I was pretty much in the same boat as you a while back with a super old Kona from 2007; wanting to update but not change everything over, so i bought this until I could afford a more modern duallie. There's a full build in the link on my signature but this is what it looks like with a 160mm fork up front:

    *hint hint* i've switched to the duallie and have this frame with a Shimano BB and headset to suit both straight or tapered forks which i'd happily let go of for a reasonable price.. ;)
  15. Mr_hANky

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  16. droenn

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    Those Ragley mmmbop things can go cheap.

    On-One 45650b sometimes too
  17. MeridaMatt85

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    thanks, it does look like fun, everytime ive tried flicking the rear wheel on mine it moves slightly and rubs! ha-hence why im really liking the 12mm rear axle.

    I have looked at the ragley too and again its getting hard to get them as CRC are stopping what they post to AUS I think and I cant find an AUS distributor...

    Anyone used a 140mm 29er hardtail on trails before?
  18. johnny

    johnny I'll tells ya! Staff Member

    My advice is that being different for the sake of being different is akin to digging a pen in your own eye because no one else digs pens into their own eyes.

    Don't buy a bike because it's not the same as other people's bikes, buy the bike that suits you and the trails that you ride. If that's a Giant, get a Giant. If it's a dual suspension, get a dual suspension. If it's a full rigid fixie, get a life....., I mean get a full rigid fixie.

    Being different for the sake of it often undermines the intrinsic purposes of your behaviour (and your purchases!). If you focus on being alternative you might end up with a unique bike but have less fun than those who bought the right ride for the right kind of riding. Come to think of it, not caring about being different is probably about as different as you can be!

    Saying that, hardtails are awesome and if I had the $$$ I'd be on a titanium Honzo.
  19. I got the same bike in an XL 27.5
    Great bike. Had a 140mm fork then I fitted a 150mm fork. Just because.
    I do like it a lot. In hindsight I should probably have bought the 29. I only say that because my other bike is 29 and the next HT will also be 29.
    Being a big guy, I think 29 works for me. Just my opinion.
    But the geo and everything on the Nukeproof is mint. Long, low and slack.
    Looking at your list I think you'll end up with something pretty good, can highly recommend the Scout though.
    I had an older Cotic BFe in 26 which I loved but it was just too small(no XL). I think the Cotic bikes are updated now with better geo and what not.
  20. Lazmo

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    + 1 a lot.

    Besides building up a bike, why not look at secondhand.

    When I wanted to replace my trusty XC 71HA hardatil with something a bit more rad to the power of max, I was going to go the build it up route, but ended up buying a secondhand Cotic BFe off a Burner for stuff all. Did some maintenance and added a few bits and bobs (like tubeless and a dropper) and it is fantastic. For way less than if I started from scratch.

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