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Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by MeridaMatt85, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. NeoNasty

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    Just whoring my bike here:

    160mm 29er with 2.5 front and 2.3 rear.

    I've got a fuck load of clearance on the rear and could fit a 2.6 easily... The down side, is that I can only fit a 30 tooth chainring.

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  2. droenn

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    get that chromag frame that just came up on here
  3. MeridaMatt85

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    I like that!! but only a 30t?!?! I have a 32 NWO now and was thinking of swapping to a 34t NWO with an 11-50 sunrace cassette!
  4. MeridaMatt85

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    too much $$ unfortunately... love it though!
  5. NeoNasty

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    Yeah, the chain stays bow out massively to make the huge tyre clearance, with a short chain stay length. This comes at the cost of the chain ring size.

    I've got 10 speed Sunrace 11 - 42 and that's pretty much low enough for almost everything. As for the top end, its a mountain bike. I've got a cyclocross if I want to go faster.
  6. RichJS

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    Is that a boost crankset? If not, changing to boost cranks (and guide, I guess) could get a few more teeth on the ring.
  7. NeoNasty

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    No, its not actually. I hadn't considered that. I think with the 142mm rear the chainline might be all screwey.

    I'll try and grab a pic sometime of the tyre clearance and chain alignment if anyones interested. I've kinda taken over this thread with my own personal shit. I should just start my own pimp your ride thread.
  8. RichJS

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    It's only a few mm outboard from what you have now. Maybe 1 cog worth on the cassette - so I guess if it affects anything, it would be getting into/staying in the big cog. Depending on the guide, you might have some effort centering it over the ring further out. And I guess you'll need a longer chain for a bigger front ring.
  9. Heaps of clearance around the stays but the FD cable stop on the back of the seat tube will cramp the tyre size.
  10. Knuckles

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    This is why Jesus invented dremels and 1X.
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  11. Mr Crudley

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    He was a carpenter so probably new his way around power tools and the odd mitre joint.

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  12. Possibly why there was a small tube of touch up paint in the parts bag?
  13. HamboCairns

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    This is the biggest question for me - rollover vs cushioning.
  14. Calvin27

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    What specific frame is that? Sentier VR29? I'm in the market for a hardtail. Unlike all the advice here, I am building it because my parts bin has accumulated to the point I can build a new bike and the whole belt drive ss bike was in the too hard/expensive basket haha. I have no plans with the bike other than to build and ride it - I alread have too many bikes, but I like building them - it's cheaper than cars.
  15. gippyz

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    If u r after dartmoor, give Bikes By Ascension a call to see if they have any primal still around. I remember about 2 months ago they were doing stock clearance. See if they still have some old primal or other dartmoor frame you can get for cheaper price.

    As for HT, I have a commencal meta ht am. Very happy with the bike. Very capable descender and easy to climb. Bought the frame off CRC as commencal au didn't have them in stock. 65 head angle built with 160mm cc helm fork 27.5+ 2.8F and 3.0R. Highly recommended.
  16. wkkie

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