VO2 Max Calculator & Fitness Age


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Hmm it's interesting but I don't trust it.

Few issues I have.

-first the calculator didn't ask for height or weight or cholestrol as the study said to use
-waist line can be I influenced by bone and muscle size
-genetically V02 max is set pretty closely I think you can only improve it by about 30% with training.
-skinny people can be unhealthy and lazy and bigger people can be fit
-age does have a general indicator of drop in VO2 after a certain again but exercise can reduce that decline.
-exercise "all out" that is subject to individual opinion, and as we know V02 max is the hardest training
-continue from above you could not train V02 max for longer than 30min you would fatigue too quickly.
-many people have different exercise intensities each week, endurance/sprint/threshold sessions. The calculator doesn't take any if that into account.

I like the idea of a V02 max calculator but even the best would be a rough guide and this has many holes.

Got a link to the study though?


I however am very normal. Trust me.
Interestingly it got mine pretty bloody close, I had a Vo2 max test in the lab the other day by random occurrence to compare to.

It's obviously not ideal, but as a simple 15 sec test compared to the cost, time, potential risk (in the really unhealthy) and expertise needed for lab it's probably a reasonably good estimate.

Waist line is very close to the same in all people as the only thing under the waist line is the spine, digestive tract and abdominal muscles (which have very poor hypertrophy properties). The waist line measure is also a very good indicator of fatness or BMI, from memory it is a much better stand alone measure than BMI for predicting health. But, with Vo2 based of weight, it is interesting they don't use this as part of their measurements.

Resting HR is the only issue I can really see if the individual is on some form of beta blocker as the HR will be 'artificially' low. Versus an aerobically fit individual with a large left ventricle.


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Yeah it's no means bad. Its great for general guides based on averages.
I'd wonder how well I applies to athletes though. The biggest issue i see the will effect variance would be genetics. That said Its probably applicable to most people and it sure beats spending 600bucks for a proper test.


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Considering that VO2max is given in ml per kg per minute, how can they even approximately give a figure without knowing a persons weight. If I altered my weight from say 72kg down to 63kg, you'd have an increase of almost 10ml/kg/min.


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Is cool. Dropped a year off my age...

Like everything it does need to be taken with a measure of restraint in what is actually is telling you...which boils down simply to one of three things:

1. You are fitter than you need to be [good for you];
2. You are as fit as you need to be [great result];
3. You are not as fit as you should be [you lazy sod].

If you try and be any more complicated than that (given that this is the internet after all) then you risk delusion. Anyone on this site who spends enough time in the saddle (or at least on the pedals) should either be in the 1 or 2 category without any problems. If you want to get all touchy and self-interested about how 'old' (or young) it makes you then congratulations to you but as with most things there are no prizes...even for living a little longer. Look at it this way...you'll still win.


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Just saw this on the news.
They called it a fitness age calculator. As per usual they have made something sound like something its not, I understand it is labeled as such but all it really tells you is your estimated V02 max.

Whats with the option 30min or less or 30min or more, that's ridiculous. Someone who runs 30min will get the same score as someone who runs 4 hours.
I can see people logging on now to check there age thinking they are as young as a 20 yr old when they're really not.

Anyway iv been pretty negative towards it so far but I do think its a great development, needs some tweaks but great to see something like it come around.