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haha nah. A proper downhill bike with modern geometry that also happens to have a battery attached to propel me back to the top of the course so i can have the convenience of shuttling without the effort of having friends or pedaling too hard

I see haibike has something it calls the xduro dwnhll, but the geo is whack.


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I think Haibike are pretty ugly but their geo is ok. Rotwild make a DH ebike and Specialized have the Kenevo. Some people put Fox 40's on that. Pretty heavy though I'm guessing.


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I went to the Green Valleys Expo on the Weekend and it was a great day. I rode the Spesh Kenevo an the Merida Eone sixty-900e.
The Kenevo was pretty sluggish and way more bike than I need. The motor was super quiet.
The Merida felt more like a normal MTB for me and rode way better for me. The steps motor had heaps of power. I was impressed enough to want one.
I ran out of time to try the Haibike that had the bosch motor.