What are you listening to NOW?


I have been reliving my youth of late

Slayer - South of Heaven

Painters and Dockers - Kiss my Art

This song is still relevant and I still love it

pink poodle

Our man isn't in the West
Just got home from 15 hours at work. Flat out customer service from start to finish. Fucking annoying neighbours are having a party...but their music game is weak. I hope these arseholes like kyuss! If not it might be time for slayer and a ride.


Likes Dirt
For those on Bandcamp, check out Cinema Prague. First band I ever saw live (underage and the band was kind enough to sneak us in).

Meldatype and Nordensost are my favourite albums from them.



Likes Bikes and Dirt
Second gig post lockdown and first rowdy rock gig last night. Forgot how old I was and got in the thick of it down the front again, resulting in 1 snapped fibula. Fun night up to a point.
First injury in a while where I can categorically say, bike is ok
Ya farkin what? Harking back to the crowd surfing days were we?