What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


Feelin' a bit rrranty
Clean af. Time to go destroy some ankles sending stairs.
Jesus. Yeah. I suppose so. will take it for a little spin tomorrow to find what bolts I forgot to tighten. :p

Those Pro2s are in the toolbox waiting for when I can get my shit together and get the parts for a nostalgic mid-00s wheel build to match the ‘06 Pike I got from @moorey ’s mate.


what is a yous
I went for a ride.
Greenfields to centipede > panguna > rocky dingo > centipede > pipeline > carpark.
Leetle bit further than 50kms from home.
Rode with a mate whose wife has spiralled downhill in 5 weeks with cancer.
He was very happy to get out of the house for a bit.

Such a great ride, one of those where I smashed the hills and felt like I could actually ride down them with some semblance of skill.
Bikes are cool.
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Usually the Bluetongue -> Seymour is an addition if I'm feeling fresh before going down Breakout and heading back to the car.
Added this on to my ride today, it was pretty cold, wet and muddy out there! But yeah its a funny trail that I never really paid much attention to, but it has some nice little rocky features to ride.

It also rounds out my loop to 20 km so I think I'll keep it in there :)


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New 2021 Debonair spring into the Pikes, seems to ride higher and doesn't feel quite as wallowy with correct sag. Also installed OneUp EDC whilst I was at it.. really not much to the kit, less than I was expecting. Some tools are better than no tools when riding packless I guess though?

Scotty T

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I've never seen Stromlo so busy, mine and the other thousand riders personal photog will have a lot of processing to do. Rode flats, was fun, might get some better shoes and pedals.


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Swapped the moco damper out for a charger rc damper (cheers @Kerplunk) Now I just need to find a neighbourhood rock garden or something to dial it in. Hopefully this dickwad government will open the youies again soon

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