What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

The Reverend

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With Lysterfield closed it seemed like Melbourne decided to hit the YY. Great riding there today and managed to get out with bike and body in one piece.

I did manage to cop a decent ding on my rear wheel down Turbulence. Thankfully not an expensive one though.

pink poodle

Our man in Japan
Slashed my rear Aquila yesty, so fitted up a wild endooro and gave her a bath this afternoon.. Ourimbrah tomorrow

Look out! It's a giant banshee.

Took it for some muddy laps of the local. Place has had some wear and tear with all the storms recently! Trees down and ruts formed!


Big Block
Shortish ride after fitting new BB bearings yesterday. Oh so quiet now and no bad vibrations through the pedals. The old bearings were really cooked.


Old and hopeless
Just finished washing the bikes. Farck they were disgusting. Some very muddy weekday lunchtime rides, then Silvan (Bourke St) on Saturday and the sand and saltwater of todays coast ride had to be cleaned off. We had a lot of fun on the beach and foreshore today.

Sometimes, for us at least, the exploring and the stuff you come across on random rides, makes the day really something different. The amount of tracks we came across, some pretty marginal, some required determination, some supreme, was fantastic. We discovered some homelessness there too, which was sad.

Nice bit of coast, though.





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Same with Majura- carparks overflowing
I noticed the same at Stromlo on Saturday - went late in the afternoon with a setting sun, even the memorial car park which I use was full, normally there aren't many there.

People everywhere.