What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


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Phenomenal service from Light Bicycles.

I simply sent their sales dept an email saying I love their rims & have just busted one after four years & need a replacement of the same type - including my serial number.

Well, Jenny got back to me, having already generated an invoice for exactly what I needed based on my order history with them (linked to the serial number).

I simply had to click "pay now" via Paypal. Ended up being $266 shipped.

Beat that!
Sadly I had a set of Lightbike rims that I smashed on a pretty gnarly rock hit. Both rims fucked. Crash replacement was great but then 2nd ride out on new rims I had one fail. They kept pushing for me to pay for a crash replacement despite it being a clear failure. I even sent them the rim back. It came back to me as it was "un-deliverable" but strangely in the meantime they claimed to have inspected it and said it wasn't a failure. I ditched em after that at some cost, unlaced the remaining rim and went to some DT FR560s. I'll never go back to Lightbicycle after that experience which sucks cos I really liked the rims that I had originally.


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  • EDC arrived just as I was about to head out for a spin
  • got to help out someone on the trail with said EDC tools first ride
  • pleasantly surprised by the work on Breakout - those new big berms up the top are nice
  • shitload of macropods everywhere
  • a handful of PRs