What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


Likes Dirt
Sorted rear mech cage , new pads in and hit the trails with the new Michelin force (r) and wild am (f) both 2.35 , bloody impressive cornering grip , for me they out perform the minion and ardent combo they replaced - can't say a bad thing about em really , ill be interested to see how they wear though , bit of a lower tread height then that maxxis combo to ... Anyway pretty stoked with em .


Likes Dirt
Went to retape my rear wheel to seal it for tubeless after ripping off the old tape as it looked like it was lifting. My bike is a plus hardtail and has the holes in the rim similar to a fat bike so this is a bit more of a challenge. I found that I didn't quite have enough tape for a whole wheel on the roll I started with and the other roll looked to have less. Hope it works despite the extra joins in there. I love these rims (sun ringle mulefut 50s) until it comes time to change the tubeless tape as it is a fine art with these. Worst part is the only tape I could find online to suit the 45mm internal width is for a 45m roll. Might have to order it and never have this problem again.