What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by Minlak, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. slider_phil

    slider_phil Likes Dirt

    Primer is in that Goldilocks zone of trail bikes for me. For Woodend you don't need much of a bike. In fact I'd love to ride it on my XC bike on a dry day as I'm pretty certain it'd be the fastest way around.
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  2. slider_phil

    slider_phil Likes Dirt

    Your shed is nicer than my kitchen
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  3. hifiandmtb

    hifiandmtb King of his castle

    Inexpensive Ikea kitchen cabinets with a timber top to wail on.

    Wait until you see how I plan to mount the bike stand...it'll be nifty!
  4. Tubbsy

    Tubbsy Super Moderator

    Damn fine looking bike, that. Nice job on your workshop too.
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  5. BorisBC

    BorisBC Likes Bikes

    Thst sure is a purdy workstation. So much nicer than mine, which is filled with old kids crap.

    Also put some flats back on my hardtail for a blat around Bruce tomorrow and fixed up a loose crank. Hopefully it stays tight now!
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  6. Spike-X

    Spike-X Grumpy Old Man

    Washing my gear, because eww.
  7. droenn

    droenn Likes Dirt

    Installed a bell on the commuter

  8. Cardy George

    Cardy George Likes Dirt

    Hmmmm, me too.....

    You sound like you live close to me......

    Are your local police running a thinly disguised crackdown on cyclists by any chance?
  9. nzhumpy

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  10. slider_phil

    slider_phil Likes Dirt

    Harcourt today. Managed to get in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 before the rain shut us down. Fantastically designed trail center. Had ridden 6 for a race but the rest has blown me away. Weather looks a bit better tomorrow so plan is to head up and hit the rest.[​IMG]
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  11. Chriso_29er

    Chriso_29er Likes Dirt

    Went for a local explore on the XC bike, accidentally found myself on a DH run! Will be heading back with the other bike soon :)

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  12. Lazmo

    Lazmo Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Yep, we’re super keen to get back there. Have done your ride except 6. The down of 2 is nuts.
  13. hellmansam

    hellmansam Likes Dirt

    Got some good s/h bits to update my HT's drivetrain, going from 3x9 to 1x10, some modern cranks, SLX 10spd derailleur and 11-36 cassette, have ordered a 30 T narrow wide chainring.

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  14. Haakon

    Haakon Not happy, Jan.

    Rode it. Did some gravel grinding out the back of Stromlo. Can see snow on the Brindabellas and wind feels like it’s coming straight down from there!!

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  15. slider_phil

    slider_phil Likes Dirt

    Hell yeah. Went out again today and did 7,10,9,6 then back up 2, did 4 then down 2 to finish off. Every single trail is quality up there. I kept expecting to find an "average" trail but it's all so damn good. Only ones I haven't done now are 8 and 11. Gives me an excuse to head back again soon.
  16. Spike-X

    Spike-X Grumpy Old Man

    Took The Boy to practice for KoB round 3. He was doing really well, until he decided to try and style it up on the last jump. Whipped around too far and couldn't bring it back in time. Trashed his elbow, and my favourite hoodie. Rider and bike otherwise unharmed, luckily.[​IMG] Hoodie crash.jpg

    * Who the fuck decided to make it so fucking hard to put a fucking photo up on this fucking board? Fucking hell.
  17. Ultra Lord

    Ultra Lord Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Glad its only a graze and bruised ego @Spike-X

    What are ya doin sharin the fav hoody though? Cmon man, you should know young dudes always crash.
  18. Nath8

    Nath8 Likes Dirt

  19. Chriso_29er

    Chriso_29er Likes Dirt

    Other side of the mountain ;)
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  20. Oddjob

    Oddjob Eats Squid

    Fixed the Saint brakes on the SAM after some fuckwit poped a piston out. Changed the knackered pads for uberbike race matrix pads. HOLY SHITBALLS! I've tried some fancy compounds like race day only super abrasive soft ceramic and these are better, they are border line scary.

    Also fitted a 32t oval chainring to give me a bit more oomph up hills. Surprisingly seems to work fine with chainguide. [​IMG][​IMG]

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