What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


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Installed the $150 X-Fusion manic dropper from cycling deal.. It’s a nice solid bit of kit.. Massive upgrade to the bontrager slop-line I took off..
The saddle clamps don’t seen as robust but still way better than the creaky bendy pos KS lev setup. Looking forward to some proper trail time on it..


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The 3M mastic 2228 tape arrived and I've thrown it on. Good stuff! Thick, but not too thick and stays put!

Hopefully I've covered everywhere I've needed to and I get some quiet time back.

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@DMan Sorry, thought David and Goliath was a fairly well known story.
Also, Freud probably has something to say about your fixation the male anatomy.


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Wow - i never knew he was that David. Actually, just thought it was some Dave who liked to liked to stand around naked. I feel smarter now.


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Bled brakes, new pads, took some rim decals off, fixed a creak and took it for a maiden lap around the block. Young fella said it was a new record, watch out all you pros

Have I made the convenience of external routing redundant by heat shrinking my lines? Who cares when it looks this good!

Bike looks great, seat looks like it could use some realigning. ;)

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Went to raise the argyles on the Di bike to 100mm, pulled forks apart and found the split pin on the spring shaft had split. And my 80mm argyles have a shorter shaft, rather than being lowered with spacers.

Raided the older argyles sitting in my room for the spring shaft and bam! She works now. Happy days!

Dirt jump bikes are stupid fun. Everyone needs one
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