What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by Minlak, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Lazmo

    Lazmo Old and hopeless

    Worked from home today. Broke out the BFe at lunchtime and did some urban with a touch of singletrack. Sure made the day much betterer.

    Glenfern ride.png
  2. slider_phil

    slider_phil Likes Dirt

    Bled brakes, new pads, took some rim decals off, fixed a creak and took it for a maiden lap around the block. Young fella said it was a new record, watch out all you pros


    Have I made the convenience of external routing redundant by heat shrinking my lines? Who cares when it looks this good!

  3. beeb

    beeb Likes Dirt

    Bike looks great, seat looks like it could use some realigning. ;)
  4. slider_phil

    slider_phil Likes Dirt

    Good catch! Bit of a rush job there lol
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  5. Kerplunk

    Kerplunk Likes Dirt

    What is this gps app that looks non stravaesque?
  6. Lazmo

    Lazmo Old and hopeless

    It's the Wahoo Fitness: Workout Tracker app. I got it to pair my speed/cadence/heart rate sensors for my trainer, but discovered the mountain bike setting where it also tracks your ride.
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  7. Ultra Lord

    Ultra Lord Eats Squid

    Went to raise the argyles on the Di bike to 100mm, pulled forks apart and found the split pin on the spring shaft had split. And my 80mm argyles have a shorter shaft, rather than being lowered with spacers.

    Raided the older argyles sitting in my room for the spring shaft and bam! She works now. Happy days!

    Dirt jump bikes are stupid fun. Everyone needs one
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  8. Labcanary

    Labcanary Likes Dirt

    Cleaned up the workshop. Now I can pamper my bike in a workable space.
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  9. slider_phil

    slider_phil Likes Dirt

    Cracker of an evening. 7 year old decided he wanted to go for a trail ride and that we did. Rode until the sun went down. Got some legs in him, the little bugger![​IMG][​IMG]
  10. hifiandmtb

    hifiandmtb Sphincter beanie

    Yeah but how was the Turner!?
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  11. Paulie_AU

    Paulie_AU Likes Dirt

    Hardtail frame showed up today. Octane One Prone ordered Sunday night from crc.


    I need little bits like headset, brake adaptors and seat clamp. Also need a dropper post, seat and set of black cranks. Quickly chucked forks into it and wheels to see how it looks. Gotta say the paint is awesome sort of a translucent red over the semi brushed looking aluminum.

    Aiming to have it up and running late November (birthday).
  12. slider_phil

    slider_phil Likes Dirt

    Didn't get much of a chance to feel it out. But the little things I gleaned. Power transfer, whoa. It feels like the hardtail it replaced under power, in and out of the saddle. Geometry feels a lot like a trail bike, in a good way. The low bottom bracket meant the really tight corners in some section of our trails felt super simple to carve through.

    Race pace run over the weekend should help me play with the suspension a bit and get a feel on how the DW system rides compared to my previous/current bikes (VPP, FSR, Delta, CBF).
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  13. Kerplunk

    Kerplunk Likes Dirt

    Cycling deal have xfusion manic droppers for $150.. includes cable and remote..
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  14. Cardy George

    Cardy George Likes Dirt

    I've always loved that style of paint, red is the pick, but blue works too
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  15. Chriso_29er

    Chriso_29er Likes Dirt

    Went for a ride back past my accident site from last weekend. Managed to find my missing bar plug and grip lock-on still sitting in the middle of the trail ha ha. Whoo!



  16. Ultra Lord

    Ultra Lord Eats Squid

    I see them googles! #fullendurbro

    Great looking trail.
  17. Chriso_29er

    Chriso_29er Likes Dirt

    2 deg out this morning, helped keep the face warm :)
  18. Ky1e

    Ky1e Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Took it to a demo day and didn't ride it at all.. Rode some nice bikes tho! The powerplay is fkn sensational! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  19. TheAzza

    TheAzza Likes Dirt

    Did a few laps at Black Hill with I guy a bumped into who rode a rad BC green Rune.

    Made me miss me Rune more than a little.

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  20. slider_phil

    slider_phil Likes Dirt

    Got it out for a proper ride this morning. Got on the road in the dark and was on the trails as the sun was rising. Super impressed with it. Will do a full build/ride report in a PYR thread soon [​IMG]

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