What do your kids ride?


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New model incoming in June, can’t see anything about it on the AU store, but it’s up on the UK and US sites. Priced slightly cheaper than the old supreme single speed 20” which seems to have been dropped. Clash looks to be 7spd, 130mm travel & newer frame design.


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No pics yet... must be a tough assembly ;)

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It was actually, had a few frothies on board it being Xmas eve- finished the *build about 11ish from memory and then very nearly put myself over the bars on the driveway test ride because the brakes were set up all Euro/US.

* not much to build really, just add pedals/wheels a quick gear tune and swap the brake cables over.



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So I picked up a Meta 4x frame to build up for the boy.
My 26” hardtail will be the parts donor. But I think the 175mm cranks will be a little long for him.

What cranks are you guys running on builds for you kids?


There’s plenty of talk about shorter cranks on young kids bikes...but unless really young/small, in my experience it’s largly a non issue. My kids have mainly run 170’s from 7yo onwards, but occasionally 175’s, and they don’t notice any difference in performance or comfort.
If they’re available, I go shorter, if not, I don’t worry.