WTSFLC Ride Thread.


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Fucking shimz

Shimz lots of shimz



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Lets hit up lizard rock should be gangsta
Hey lets not. sorry mate but lizard rock has been out of service for months, like even go as far to say over a year now, its in no riding condition....unless they re built it like in the last 3months. Can anyone vouch for this?

Anyway no need, the 'downhill' side has plenty to offer...trust me, but guys I dunno if you should go, it will be supa wet and you ll just be ripping it up, from the builders hard work!

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Little bit.

Anyway, is anyone riding on Friday? That's if it is not raining, but it probably will do, it's not like there has been dry weather for the last year.


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can someone pleaese let me in on the loop im up for any rides and i can drive so i dont need a lift!


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hey, I'm prolly out until June ... given social commitments and some XC adventures ... but I wouldn't mind a return trip to Ourimbah.

Jase should be back by then too :)

Its gotta stop raining by June.