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Admittedly I haven't been around the area a whole lot lately due to uni/work, but it amazes me that no-one has come across any of the blokes doing this and explained the repercussions of their actions to them. It seems every time I go past there's something new that's come up, even after the PT was smashed.


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Short but sweet pedal at Candlebark yesterday, the little human at home is still commanding much time and attention.... so still little riding time.

Trails are running sweet!

Added bonus of meeting none other than Redbruce. Massive thanks for your hard work.



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A mate just sent this through. Fairly sensitive area for a big rescue operation. Hope he’s ok and no knee jerk reactions are coming.


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View attachment 348124 A mate just sent this through. Fairly sensitive area for a big rescue operation. Hope he’s ok and no knee jerk reactions are coming.
I was out that way yesterday (mid-arvo) and saw no sign of the rescue. The section under the bridge is currently closed to foot traffic - gate closed at the top of the stairs and orange tape on the trail at the other side (east) of the bridge. Presumably it is shut because the trail under bridge is eroding with large potholes developing.

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I’m guessing that it happened on either the cliff part which used to have the rock in it or the next section just downstream of this, i.e. the part where the side of the trail is eroded down the edge of the embankment and there is a tree coming out of the upper embankment to make things a bit narrow.


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If he came a cropper from the Gipps St trail that leads there I'm struggling see where the 10M came from. Maybe they think he fell off the bridge?

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That is councils responsibility. I walked it with Parks rangers and they notified Council to fix it. They simply put up a dodgy fence around the problem bit with no signage. They didn't fence off the stairs so the poor bugger probably walked down the stairs and thought - stuff it I will climb around the fence and fell.


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Next trail work day for Yarra Track and Trail Group. Only thing to note is it is authorised as a multi-user trail, but then our trail runners enjoy a good challenge also.

If you are intending to participate please respond to the FB page. I'm seeking a good cross section of input. If we are short on representational input (yes I realise its lead up to xmas) we will do other maintenance activities.

As it is authorised trail, Parks Vic insurance applies to vollies.

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Little heads up for anyone who rides around Chandler Hwy.


It’s still possible to ride the ST from pipe bridge and either of the windy bits that come down from the Boulie but the road is the only way to get over Chandler. They are carving a huge chunk out of the top of the section closest to the Boulie so not sure how long the ST will be there.

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It isnt really news- it is a complete dramatic beat up. The MTBing community have been united, proactive, engaged and are 100% supportive of Parks strategy for the area. Now Parks need to agree on a strategy and get everyone in their organisation on board.
The impact of illegal trails around Yarra Bend was seriously over exaggerated in the article. Parks and the MTBing community are working together to retain continuous shared use single track from Richmond to Westerfolds- for ALL USER GROUPS. There are much bigger issues for the River and the area.
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