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Feelin' a bit rrranty
Saw this on Friday. Takeoff is huge and right next to the MYT. Lots of kids digging lately, some great, most bad. I’ll be surprised if it’s still there when I get out again later in the week.
Yeah I should say, most of me loves it and wants to take the enduro bike down there to hit it but... it’s just the worst possible location


Likes Bikes and Dirt
worse most pompous recreational group, 3 people on horseback at harcourt yesterday, riding beside our trail works, most horses don’t like really fast buzzing bicycles, yet they bring them to a mtb pk, prob only to complain about mtb’s scaring their horses.
we have 1 older woman regularly riding the mtb trails in wombat, 1 guys carbon frame snapped against a tree as horse squishe him & bike against a large gum...woman went straight to local paper who published big story about mtb’s terrorising horses.
anytime i see horse people i remind them horses aren’t people...99% don’t like it
•full disclosure:townie
I know nothing about horses but a lingering memory of a Warburton trail ride years ago was that they can be easily startled. It’s just not something I expected after 20 odd years riding around what is suburban Melbourne. No one is going full tilt atm because of the increased numbers around, but back in the day this would’ve been a very fast section.