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Like most people, I have no idea now I ended in the line of work I find myself in. Previous to this job, I’ve worked in an employment agency , at a TAFE, as a secondary teacher, and years as a barista as well as numerous other fill-in jobs like farming, truck driving and professional bum.

But my first (long lost love) was as a ceramicist. To the philistine, it’s just pottery, but I was always far more interested in the process, developing my own glazes, experimenting with firing techniques and porcelain clays.

Was cleaning out shite in boxes this afternoon that haven’t been opened in 25+ years. Forgot I had them, as I’d sold or given away most of what I produced in those first couple of years as a starving artist on the dole. Needless to say I never made it as an artist. A teapot and 2 cups would take me the best part of 25-30 hours to made, and oddly, people don’t want to pay an unknown young wanker straight out of art school for the time and materials required to produce them….particularly when they just look like something out of a Chinese factory sold at Target, rather than thrown on a wheel, hard decorated, and precariously fired (quite a high fail rate for the last step). Most of the designs were based on flowers and leaves in my garden, stained glass windows, and Art Nouveau

Anyhoo, here are a few of the pieces I unearthed today. Fight over them if I die in Tassie. The collection could be worth tens of dollars with a healthy COVID tax added.

Anyone else got a secret softer side in their past, or even now?



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Yeah, not gonna beat that. I once wrote a novel that no one wanted to pay real dollars for and also made some short films that failed to launch my international film career.

In other news - my dinning table looks a lot like yours. Messmate?

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From a recreational/sporting rather than aspirationally professional viewpoint, in my dark past long before discovering sailing and bikes, particularly the Mountain form of the latter, I was a runner (this almost fits in the Confession thread...). I was doing 5km runs when I was 5YO, 10km three years later. Longest I ever ran was 16km.... at the age of nine! :oops: I kept at it until my early 20s, when the body started complaining and blew a knee out, ultimately needing surgery.

Many years on, I'm paying for that mis-spent youth with both fucked-up knees that get grumpy in hot weather.
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A long time ago, I used to have friends, go out for dinner, see gigs, sleep in on weekends and generally enjoy life. Then we had two boys, and now I walk into a bar and get agoraphobia because I haven't got someone trying to ride me like a donkey and pull my ears while farting.

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Nice tea sets !

Could picture myself sipping Yorkshire Proper Strong out of the 3rd from bottom at the smoko table :)