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    The warranty game with Kona

    Hey guys! Just wondering how many of you guys have tried to play the warranty game with Kona bikes, through their Australian importer Groupe Sportif. Basically I would like to know what bike it was, what happened to it, how you went about warranty, their general attitude towards your claim...
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    Logan Quinn Oxford falls

    Logan Quinn testing out my new GoPro rig at Oxford Falls last weekend. Ultimate selfie rig :P
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    NSW Trail Maintenance - Royal National Park

    see you guys there :)
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    NSW Trail Maintenance - Royal National Park

    Keen hey fellow Rotorburners! I found this thread a while ago and was always meaning to come along and help out but it never happened. I am quite keen to come out on the 19th may but there is a catch (isn't there always!) I am studying Geography as part of my senior studies in yr 11 at St...
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    Happy birthday emails

    was my birthday the other day and i received 14 happy birthday emails from ROTORBURN forums! it doesnt bother me at all just thought i would let you guys know as there may be some sort of issue with the automated emails... :)
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    Sutherland DH repairs??

    nothing has actually been done yet on the sutho is very washed out and needs a fair bit of work
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    Sutherland DH repairs??

    aww sweet will have to come and check it out
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    Sutherland DH repairs??

    the track is behind the cemetery... i would be keen to come and have a look at the jannali as i have heard about it but never been there shot us a message if your still interested:cool:
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    You know you're a cyclist when...

    when u get your l's and start leaning into corners and trying to take race lines then half hour later almost hit an oncoming car because your watching a few DH bikes ridding past:cool:
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    Sutherland DH repairs??

    anyone that lives in the Sutherland Shire that rides DH keen to fix up the sutho DH track?? i need a local track and i went down there the other week to check it out and it needs a fair bit of work... it is pretty rough and rocky and just needs some drainage work done so all the dirt down't...
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    Homeland - MADproductions

    wow.... that is all :D no but seriously thats awesome! defiantly wanna see more vids like this :) i want this track at the end of my street...would be epic
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    I'm bored edit

    how did u do the cable cam??
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    Ourimbah DH - New top section.

    im coming up on sunday :D will be my first race i have ever been to so if you see a kid wondering around with no idea, thats me! :confused: good thing my mate im going with is the current nsw state champ for U17's :p
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    Awaba State Champs 2011

    on ya brent! well done on your results:cool:
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    reverse helmetcam at menai

    hey i was out at that track on the same day!!! what time of day were u there?? arvo??