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    NSW !!SOLD!! Morewood Shova 130mm Travel, Reliable, Low Maintenance.

    camo114 camo114 I cannot reply to you because you inbox is full. Sorry bike is for pick up only
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    NSW !!SOLD!! Morewood Shova 130mm Travel, Reliable, Low Maintenance.

    I believe so definitely in Northern beaches area. In fact it might have been yourself.
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    NSW !!SOLD!! Morewood Shova 130mm Travel, Reliable, Low Maintenance.

    Item: !!!SOLD!!! 2006 Morewood Shova 130mm Travel Rear, 140mm Travel Front. !!!SOLD!!!! Location: Newcastle NSW Item Condition: Used but good condition. Is a super rugged frame with plenty of life left in it. Not many frames built like this anymore. Reason for selling: New Bike...
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    NSW SOLD!!! Cheap! Sun Rims Rhyno Lite Wheelset

    Item: Wheelset 26" complete with tyres SOLD!!! Sun Rims Rhyno Lite rims laced to 135mm QR Shimano XT hub rear and no brand 20mm thru axle front. Includes the Michelin tyres 1xWild Rock'r 1xWild Race'r Location: Newcastle NSW Item Condition: Used, Good Condition, Run mostly true. Reason...
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    DH My $250 DH bike

    I would have kept the bike and stayed renting, the housing market is dead.
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    Gwins Shiny New Trek for Norway

    Well it's definately capable of rolling down the start ramp and seemed to stop well
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    135x12 Non-QR Frame Axles

    The Azionic hubs have lots of options used to have one of the wheelsets. Front Hub goes from 20mm to QR , and rear hub from 135mm QR to 12mm axle, all options provided when you buy. Very nifty.
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    NSW Rear Wheel 135x10 QR - White Rim

    Item: Rear Wheel 135x10 QR with white Rim Location: Newcastle Price range/Willing to Pay: Around $100-150 depending Extra Info: Need the rim to be white so it matches my front wheel. Prefer to pick up wheels can be expensive to post
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    Dave Weagle Suing Trek Over Suspension Patent

    Looks like Dave gave Trek a good idea while trying to flog his wares to them.
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    Nukeproof Mega

    In that case replace the pedal reflectors with Neons Tokyo Drift style.
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    Nukeproof Mega

    WOW thats alot of yellow. Yellow frame, grips, bars, pedals, hubs and rims. Just need yellow seat, forks and stem and it would resemble a Banana. Pedal Reflectors need to go yellow and orange just dont mix well. I want those forks and brakes.
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    Oh God Rotor Bolt is Stuck

    I usually first grab my centre punch and try to knock it loose if that doesn't work then I just get a bigger hammer, no that's a joke I would drill it.
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    Loving life!!

    Just rememeber failure does not always mean disappointment, hope you are still in one piece (Unlike your bike).
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    the 5% rule

    Does avoiding riding when its wet and soggy so that the trails dont get eroded count? That surely is more than 5% of the time. I would love to be out on the trails helping fix them up but its not high on my priority list lately I am lucky to make it to the trail to ride let alone spend time...
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    Seeking advice on a new brake for my new DJ Bike...

    If you want some decent brakes at unbelivable price get the shimano deore M596's super happy with them for the price tag I think they are alot better than the elixer 5's on my DH bike. Either way I would go shimano could only image slx and xt's would be better again. Also found shimano easy to...