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    VIC Used Stuff - Good Nick. Hope Pro4 Hubs, Carbon Rear Wheel, Rotors

    Nevermind got this confused with another thread.
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    VIC SOLD Hope 142x12 Pro-4, 29er rims.

    Hope Rear Hub Sold ?
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    Garmin Edge 500 or better

    •Garmin Edge 500 or Better •Adelaide but will purchase interstate as well •New or used is fine •If you have anything please send me a pm.
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    WTB- Steel Hardtail Frame

    WTB- Steel hardtail frame for XC/AM Use- Something around the 18'' mark PM me if you have anything.
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    SA Shimano M-545 SPD Pedals-SOLD

    BUMP 25 Dollars
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    Reccomend me a saddle

    Chromag Check out I like The lynx and the trailmaster for burlier saddles. I have ridden them both and they are super comfortable if you are looking for something more xcish check out the moon.
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    SA Shimano M-545 SPD Pedals-SOLD

    Used Shimano M-545 SPD Pedals. A great pedal for DH, AM or XC applications. Also have new cleats I will throw in for the pedals. 40 dollars. Will ship at buyers expense. Email for actual pics.
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    SA 661 Kyle Strait Knee Pads- MD*SOLD*

    Used Kyle Strait knee pads size medium. Used about 5 times, 40 dollars. Will ship at buyers expense. Email for actual pics.
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    SA 2011 Avid Elixir R Brakes F&R*SOLD*

    Avid Elixir R brakes with adaptors and 185 G3 Cleansweep rotors. Also have an extra 185mm rotor that I will throw in. 200 bucks. These brakes have been used about 5 times and feel and work amazing. Email for actual pictures. Will ship at buyers expense.
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    SOLD Rock shox Reba team 120mm with 20mm maxle

    Reba Could you send me some pics of the fork to
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    Do many people know about Chromag in Australia

    I have just moved to Australia from Whistler, BC where I have lived for many years. Now Chromag bikes and accessories are a huge brand over there but no one seems to know about it in Australia. Do many people know about Chromag in Aus?
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    Raw steel.

    Rust it and Ride it I have ridden old Schwinn Cruiser bikes from the 50's and 60's for a long time and while I have a few show bikes my daily driver is a rat rod rusted to the bone, I let it rust and put bees wax over it and i'll rider her forever. Steel is real!
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    New hardtail for Trails 4X DJs

    Stylus! I would buy a chromag Stylus or monk depending on how specific you want to go. I used to own a stylus and it was an awesome all arounder.
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    Maxxis Tyre confusion. Single/Double ply, LUST, EXO?

    EXO is basically a thin mesh they put on the sidewall. Im not sure if they put EXO in UST tyres. From my experience UST is between a single ply and a double ply DH type tyre. I think the Ardent is a good AM tyre if it doesnt become too wet, but I'm from Canada so I'm not totally sure the...